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A Tapestry of Learning: Creating School Natural Areas

These new instructional offerings mix beautiful footage and modern graphics with professional narration and inspiring music. The result is a showcase of Midwestern seasonal blooms, their identities and habitats. Wildflowers are the stars, but there's much more than pretty images. Landowners learn how to get dirt on their hands -- the real key to growing success in both small plots (next to the backyard patio, along the front sidewalk) and large parcels (whole-lawn conversions, restored native prairies).

Produced by Tom Huggler, a landowner and conservationist who replaced most of his sprawling lawn in southern Michigan with native blooms and grasses, Wild About Wildflowers is available in both VHS videotape and interactive CD-Rom, complete with Internet links to dozens of websites. The Oakland (Mich.) Chapter of Wild Ones co-sponsored the production of the CD-Rom.

These wonderful resources would make great gifts to your local school or community organization. They could be used as a memorial gift or just simply as a gift to get them started in the right direction. For more information about purchasing these items and other Wild Ones merchandise, e-mail WOmerchandise@aol.com.

To purchase either or both of these learning tools, send your check made out to Wild Ones and mail to Wild Ones, PO Box 1274, Appleton, WI 54912-1274. Purchase price is $25.00/each plus $5.00 S&H and $2.00 S&H for each additional item. Proceeds support Wild Ones.

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