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  • Wild Ones® Journal
  • Wild Ones® Yard Sign
  • Pesticide Free Yard Sign
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  • How to Manage Small Prairie Fires

    Wild Ones® Handbook

    You have a lot of questions aboutnatural landscaping in the Midwest * . . .

    The Wild Ones Handbook has the answers.

    *For information about species in other regions, consult local native plant societies, DNR, etc.

    Order the 1999 2nd Edition Wild Ones Handbook (8½"x11", 28 pages) for only $7.00 (includes S&H).

    Wild Ones® Journal

    You have a lot of questions about natural landscaping . . .

    Wild Ones Journals have the answers. See the Nov/Dec 2000 Vol 13, No 6 issue for a listing of articles,or on our website.

    Order past issues of Wild Ones Journals for $3.00 to pay for shipping & handling. Please indicate Month/Year of issues you wish to order.

    Wild Ones® Yard Sign

    Wild Ones? weatherproof aluminum yard sign announces to all that the owner?s ?land is in harmony with nature.? The sign is enameled with a white border, beige background, black printing and a scratchboard-effect coneflower over a purple field. The vertically displayed sign measure 7"x10" and has two mounting holes top and bottom to allow for securing to a support by either screws or ties such as wire or cording. No hardware is included.

    Along with the yard sign, the purchaser will also receive a copy of the Wild Ones Sign Creed and a copy of BRASH.

    Order Wild Ones Yard Sign for $26.00 each (includes S&H). Signs will be sent by first class mail.

    Pesticide Free Yard Sign

    Children are more susceptible to pesticide exposure because their activities include playing in the grass and their organs are not mature enough to handle the toxins.

    Made on 3/8" thick durable color-safe recyclable plastic, the graphic portion of the pesticide free yard sign is 7-3/4" wide and 6" high. The length from the top to the tip of the spike is 113/4". the backside reads: "Environmental awareness begins in your own your own backyard."

    The signs are $8.00 each (includes S&H). Signs will be sent by first class mail.

    For the Wild Ones CD

    Folk singer Steve Hazell's CD "For the Wild Ones" includes many of the songs Wild Ones® have come to know and love from hearing Steve perform at native landscaping conferences. The title song ("For the Wild Ones") does a beautiful job of capturing the spirit of the Wild Ones organization and mentions Lorrie Otto by name in the lyrics. The song "Light on the Land" is a blend of Steve's and Wild Ones' philosophies of the human impact on the environment, and does a wonderful job of gently reminding us to be mindful of our affect on the Earth. "This Land's in Harmony" was co-written with Fox Valley Area Chapter Wild One Carol Niendorf, and follows the theme of working in harmony with nature.

    The CD contains ten songs in all, eight of which are original material. Steve has been delighting audiences for over 25 years. "For the Wild Ones" contains some of his most requested material, and is sure to be a source of inspiration and enjoyment for Wild Ones.

    The cost of each CD is $15.00 (includes S&H).

    Wild About Wild Flowers CD-ROM or Video

    This is a set of new productions from Outdoor Images. Wild About Wildflowers is now available in both VHS videotape and interactive CD-ROM, complete with Internet links to dozens of websites.

    The new instructional offerings mix beautiful footage and modern graphics with professional narration and inspiring music. The result is a showcase of Midwestern seasonal blooms, their identities and habitats. Wildflowers are the stars, but there's much more than pretty images. Landowners learn how to get dirt on their hands -- the real key to growing success in both small plots (next to the backyard patio, along the front sidewalk) and large parcels (whole-lawn conversions, restored native prairies).

    "Choosing the right kinds of native plants for your property's soil type is critical," says producer Tom Huggler, a landowner and conservationist who replaced most of his sprawling lawn in southern Michigan with native blooms and grasses. "You can 'I just toss seed on the ground and expect wildflowers to grow. You have to find a good seed source, prepare the site properly, and plant at the right time in the right way."

    Previous Tom Huggler tapes have won prestigious Teddy Awards and North American Outdoor Film/Video Awards.

  • $30.00 each for the video (includes S&H).
  • $28.00 each for the CD-ROM (includes S&H).
    System requirements for CD-ROM:
    • Pentium II 100 MHz or equivalent
    • Windows 95 or higher (CD is NOT Mac compatible)
    • 8 MB RAM
    • Double-Speed CD-ROM Drive

    A Tapestry of Learning Video

    A Tapestry of Learning: Creating School Natural Areas

    Wild Ones has produced a video to introduce the idea of creating an outdoor school natural area using native plant species. The intended audience would be teachers, parent-teacher organizations, neighbors, community groups and possible school natural area funding sources. Featuring Lorrie Otto prominently throughout, the video captures in just 7 minutes the essence of an outdoor learning center. Produced by David Savinski, the narration and sound track was provided gratis by Emmy award winning video producer, Mike Syverson, who is a Wild One thru marriage. A copy of the manual that accompanies the video is here.

    This wonderful resource would make a great gift to your local school. It could be used as a memorial gift or just simply as a nudge to get them off in the right direction.

    The "A Tapestry of Learning" video produced by Dream Scape Entertainment of Oshkosh, WI won a 2001 Aegis Award. The Aegis Awards are the video industry's premier competition for peer recognition of outstanding video productions and non-network TV commercials. The video was honored in the Training/Education category for its outstanding production quality by a distinguished panel of judges representing industry professionals from around the country.

    Purchase price is $10.00/each including S&H.

    Got Milkweed? Bumper Sticker
    Bumper Stickers by Jim Gallion $4.00 each Or $3.00 each in quantities of 10 or more.

    For every sticker sold, $1.00 goes to the tagging fund for Monarch Watch.

    Here's some info on the Common Milkweed and Raising Monarchs.

    How to Manage Small Prairie Fires

    This booklet was written by Wayne R Pauly, Dane County Wisconsin Naturalist, for the Dane county Environmental Council and the Dane County Highway and Transportation Department. The narrative is divided into 6 topics: 1)What, when, and how often to burn, 2) Equipment, including proper clothing, 3) Weather conditions and controlled fires, and contacting neighbors, 4) Firebreaks, 5) Conducting a simple burn and 6) Hazards. An appendix has a summary of how fire stimulates prairie plants and how it controls some weeds. The booklet was initially written in April 1982, revised 1985, and reprinted in 1988.

    It can be purchased for $7.00, which includes shipping and handling.

    Wild Ones gratefully acknowledges the donation of time and talent by graphic designer and Milwaukee North Chapter member Lynn Schoenecker for her valuable contribution in the developing our new Wild Ones logo.

    For more information about purchasing this video and other Wild Ones merchandise, e-mail WOmerchandise@for-wild.org.

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