Spring woodland flowers are nature's treasures. They bloom in the short window in spring when sunlight and rain begin to breathe life into dormant seeds and roots, before the trees overhead leaf out and cast shade on the woodland floor. Bring the family on a springtime stroll through one of the finest woodlands in Naperville, in Knoch Knolls Park. Meet at the bridge that crosses the DuPage River near the end of the parking lot off Knoch Knolls Road. Dates/times are Sundays 5/11-25 10-11:30. Nature Explorer-6-8 year Olds Tue-Wed 5/27-29 4-5:30PM. -> 3 Sat, 5/24-6/7, 8am. Young Naturalist-9-12 yr Olds: Sat 5/10 10-11:30AM, 5/17 7-8:30PM, 5/24 10-11:30AM Jeanne Maher [jmaher@napervilleparks.org] Jeanne, I worked on the descriptions a bit. I changed the title "Nature Discoveries" only because that's the exact same title of a preschool-K tour at the Morton Arboretum; I just want to avoid any issues that may come up when they find out about this program. These outdoor classes will be held at Knoch Knolls Park 2.7 miles of trails wind through the 217 acre site and pass through a wide variety of ecological niches and wildlife habitat. Join us as we explore through nature hikes and hands on activities the different native plants and animals and the important roles they play in the web of life. Each session will focus on a different nature theme, depending on what Mother Nature has to offer that day. Nature Explorer-6-8 year Olds Tue-Wed 5/27-29 4-5:30PM. Themes include: Eyes and Legs, Colors and Shapes, Common Scents, Scavenge for Scavengers, Who Eats What? Young Naturalist-9-12 yr Olds: Sat 5/10 10-11:30AM, 5/17 7-8:30PM, 5/24 10-11:30AM Themes include: Polly Nation, Aquatic Critters, Twilight Safari, Sun and Water, Xtreme Survival, Latin Limbo. Jeanne, Karen, I went over to DuPage River Park today to see if I can catch some woodland flowers. Didn't see much there, then took a hike at Knoch Knolls Park, and found quite a bit: Mayapples (just starting to bloom) Trillium erectum Trout Lily (not blooming - too young?) Solomon's Seal False Solomon's Seal Geranium maculatum Virginia Waterleaf (in bud) Virginia Bluebells (near end of blooms) Jacob's Ladder Phlox divericata Wild Strawberry Jack in the Pulpit Rue Anemone Toothwort (in fruit) Bloodroot (in fruit) Violet Wild Ginger Wild Leek Wild Onion I took the route west of the bridge; I did not take the path going east; it did not look as promising. I think this park offers definite possibilities for a spring wildflower hike next year. Mid-late May may be a good time to do it; the late spring flowers are beginning to bloom, the early ones are in fruit, and the weather should be pleasant. Peter Chen 357-2338