Summer Woodland Flora: Page 2, Summer Weeds, Summer Shrubs, Spring Woodland
Polygonaceae (Smartweed)
Polygonum virginianum Jumpseed (Virginia Knotweed): Long flower spike and large, distinctive leaves. 2 styles persistent in fruit to form a "beak"; seeds jump.
Polygonum scandens Climbing False Buckwheat: The pedicels and sepals are prominently winged. Small white flowers with green keels.
Viburnum lantana Wayfaring Tree: White flowers in flattened clusters. Gray-green, leathery and wrinkled leaves, purplish red fall color. Fruit green then yellow then red then black.
Geum canadense White Avens: Lower cauline leaves trifoliolate. Upper leaves lobed to simple. White petals around the same length as pointed green sepals. Green achenes in cluster, pubescent, with distinct long and short hairs.
Phryma leptostachya Lopseed: Small purple-white flowers in long, slender racemes. Turned down or "lopped" achenes.
Agrimonia gryposepala Tall Agrimaony: Yellow flowers, pleasant odor on compressed leaves. There are usually small leaflets in between the main ones. Fruit turban-shaped, hanging downward, the rim of the fruit covered with hooked bristles.
Scrophulariaceae (Snapdragon)
Scrophularia marilandica Late Figwort: Large opposite leaves. Bilabiate greenish flowers in loose terminal panicle. Upper lip 2-lobed, lower lip 3-lobed.
Onagraceae (Evening Primrose)
Circaea lutetiana Enchanter's Nightshade: Opposite leaves. Two part flower. Fruit is a bristle-covered nutlet.
Balsaminaceae (Impatiens)
Impatiens pallida Yellow Jewelweed: commonly called "Touch-me-not" because the mature seed pods burst open upon the slightest touch. The stems of Impatiens are very mucilaginous and can bring relief from the itch of Poison Ivy. 3 sepals, the upper 2 relatively small the 3rd large and forms a sack like back to the flower with a small turned down spur.