Chicagoland Crayfish: Burrowering species in brown. Introduced species in red.
Procambarus gracilis Prairie Crayfish: powerful pincers, which often have a slight olive-green upper surface.
Procambarus acutus White River Crayfish: long, slender pincers; carapace laterally compressed, sides with many small tubercles; blackish, wedge-shaped pattern on the abdomen;
Cambarus diogenes Devil Crawfish: wide and squarish rostrum; eyes well developed.
Fallicambarus fodiens Digger Crayfish: short, blunt, rounded rostrum; cervical groove interrupted and with tuft of setae; smallish eyes; carapace slightly vaulted.
Orconectes propinquus Northern Clearwater Crayfish: dark band or stripe along midline of carapace.
Orconectes virilis Northern Crayfish: cervical, cephalic, marginal spines; obsolete suborbital angle; interrupted cervical groove; eyes somewhat small.
Orconectes immunis Calico Crayfish
Orconectes rusticus Rusty Crayfish: dark, rusty spots on each side of their carapace, grayish-green to reddish-brown smooth claws; more ID, sex.