Some resources about arthropods in the DuPage area. Compiled by Peter Chen

  Guide Books

  • Lorus & Margery Milne: Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders
  • Donald J. Borror and Richard E. White: Peterson Field Guides: Insects
  • Gary A. Dunn: Insects of the Great Lakes Region
  • Amy Bartlett Wright: Peterson First Guide to Caterpillars of North America
  • James A. Scott: The Butterflies of North America: A Natural History and Field Guide

    Other Books (*Natural History Book Club (

  • *Richard Headstrom: Adventures with Insects
  • *Alvin and Virginia Silverstein: Life in a Bucket of Soil, and A World in a Drop of Water
  • *May R. Berenbaum: Bugs in the System
  • *Donald Stokes: Guide to Nature in Winter
  • May R. Berenbaum: Ninety-Nine Gnats, Nits, and Nibblers
  • May R. Berenbaum: Ninety-Nine More Maggots, Mites, and Munchers
  • Donald W. Stokes: A Guide to Observing Insect Lives
  • Peter J. Marchand: Life in the Cold: An Introduction to Winter Ecology
  • Sue Hubbell: Broadsides from the Other Orders: A Book of Bugs
  • Barbara Pleasant: The Gardener's Bug Book
  • Howard Ensign Evans: Life on a Little Known Planet
  • George S. Fichter: Insect Pests
  • Joel Greenberg: Natural History of the Chicago Region
  • USDA Geometroid caterpillars of Northeastern and Appalachian Forests; to get a copy see

    Web Resources

  • Insect Sounds
  • Raising Monarch Butterflies
  • Local Lepidoptera
  • Chicagoland Crayfish
  • Illinois Insects (DNR)
  • Invertebrate Resources, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (USGS)
  • Caterpillars of Eastern Forests
  • Insect Visitors of Prairie Wildflowers in Illinois (Flowers and Insects by Charles Robertson 1929)
  • Cold Hardy Insects
  • Terrestrial Invertebrates in Winter
  • Bagworms
  • Periodical Cicadas
  • Cattail Moths

    Hickman Borror
    Phylum ArthopodaPhylum Arthopoda
      Subphylum Chelicerata   Subphylum Chelicerata
        Class Arachnida     Class Arachnida
          Order Acarina       Order Acarina
          Order Araneae       Order Araneida
          Order Acarina       Order Scorpionida
      Subphylum Crustacea   Subphylum Mandibulata
        Class Malacostraca     Class Crustacea
          Order Decapoda      Sublass Malacostraca
      Subphylum Uniramia       Order Decapoda
       (Superclass Hexapoda)
        Class Insecta
        Class Insecta
          Order Lepidoptera       Order Lepidoptera
       (Superclass Myriapoda)
        Class Chilopoda
        Class Chilopoda
        Class Dilopoda     Class Dilopoda

      Wintering Strategies
  • Migrate: Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus
  • Burrow beneath freeze line: Prairie Crayfish Procambarus gracilis, Beetle grubs (Coleoptera), Millipedes (Dilopoda). American Toad Bufo americanus.
  • Aquatic: Northern Crayfish Orconectes virilis, Dragonfly larvae (Odonata), Northern Leopard Frog Rana pipiens.
  • Diapause:
  • Die and repopulate: Painted Lady Vanessa cardui Gray Hairstreak Strymon melinus

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