11/7/02 Mary O.; 11/9/02
Jones Woods, farmed; 20's: beach camping: changing houses, merry-go-round, teeter-totter. Norris (developers) bought after depression. 1978 Nature Conservancy, City, Park District bought out condo development, named Norris. Oaks 100-150 years. Leftover Peonies, Daffodils. Jeffersonia diphylla Twinleaf Conopholis americana Squawroot: parasitic; irregular yellowish flowers. Pyrola elliptica Shinleaf "White Wintergreen": oval leaves with short leaf stalks Asclepias exaltata Poke Milkweed. Catalpa bignonioides (foul leaves) speciosa to S. IL: used for posts. Solidago elmifolia, S. speciosa. Aster shortii (in bloom 11/7) Elymus villosus Silky Wild Rye. Lithospermum latifolium Broad-leaved Puccoon (dogwood-like leaves), pearly fruit in axil. Smilax (Carrion Flower or Cat Brier?): leaves still green. Triosteum perfoliatum (aurantiacum) Horse Gentian, orange fruit in axil, stem-clasping leaves.
Red flag on trees to be removed: mostly Acer negundo, other maples. Quercus leaves: good fuel, imported to burn in fall. Oak Wilt fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum: Quercus rubrum. Chainsaws on cherrypickers: tap to flush squirrels, raccoons.
Actinmeris alternifolia Wingstem: alluvial soil. Ostrya virginiana (Large). Large area on left burned 3-4 years ago: Viburnum acerifolium: no glands on leaves, resprout after moderate fire. V. lentago Nannyberry, V. acerifolium white panicle, drupes cluster red turning purple, Amelanchier alnifolia Juneberry,
Ice contact area: protruding rocks. Erratics. Ridge is sandbar from glacial Fox River, sandy soil. Blephilia hirsuta Hairy Woodmint: influoresence in spike. Carpinus caroliniana. Aster shortii before Anderson Property. Solidago flexicaulis Zigzag Goldenrod. Asarum canadense Wild Ginger pollinated by ants, beetles, flies: decayed fruit scent. Hepatica acutiloba Liverwort, Thalictrum dioicum Early Meadow Rue drooping stamens like jellyfish, alluvial soil. V. prunifolium Black Haw @corner to trail: purple swollen buds, red petiole. Cornus alternifolia flat-topped white, blue-black drupe in clusters on reddish stalk, dead twigs yellow-orange. Prunus americana long filaments, yellow anthers
Lonicera prolifera Yellow (Grape) Honeysuckle: whitish bloom upper leaf surface. Panax quinquefolius Ginseng on right (illegal trail?): yellow fall leaf/red berries. Beaver: likes Quercus? Rt. 25 was trolley line, stop at beach. Ferson: Phragmites australis Common Reed leaves broader than Phalaris arundinacea Reed Canary Grass. Camp area: savanna, oak woodland, camp area younger, even-aged oaks.

Conopholis americana; Pyrola elliptica

Lithospermum latifolium

Actinomeris alternifolia
Aspen (Poplar)? Beech/Cherry: pioneers in oak succession? Fox River: get ice, large saw in Batavia Depot Museum. The Chicago, Grand Calumet, and Little Calumet Rivers flow into Lake Michigan The Des Plaines and Kankakee Rivers join to create the Illinois River which flows to the Mississippi. The Fox also joins the Illinois. The Kishwaukee flows to the Mississippi via the Rock River. A century ago, the flow of the Chicago was reversed through the Sanitary and Ship Canal into the Des Plaines.

Panax quinquefolius Spring Woodland