Wild Ones Rock River Valley Chapter

Wild Ones - Natural Landscapers, Ltd., is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and share information with members and community at the "plant-roots" level and to promote biodiversity and environmentally sound practices. We are a diverse membership interested in landscaping using native species in developing plant communities.

Wild Ones® provides information about natural landscaping both to its members and to the community. We are no common "garden variety" garden club, but a fast-growing, non-profit organization encouraging natural yards with a sensitivity to land use in harmony with Nature.

The Wild Ones Rock River Valley Chapter carries out the mission of Wild Ones through a variety of activities. The group holds activities which typically include one of the following:

The Rock River Valley Chapter publishes a monthly newsletter for its members which contains informative and timely articles about upcoming events, past events, related events, and other useful information.

The Chapter was established in July 1994 as a result of a symposium entitled “Going Wild” which was held in March 1994. In August, the membership was already up to 27. Currently the membership is about 110. In 1996, the Chapter became steward of a three acre gravel hill prairie remnant on Perryville Road, dubbed Perryville Prairie, in Rockford. Some of our members have given presentations at the Annual Gardening For Food And Food seminar at Rock Valley College and other events. Visitors are welcome at most events and are invited to join the growing membership.

For more information, please contact:
Tracy & Sheila Stenger
Rock River Valley Chapter Presidents

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