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About Us

Wild Ones-Natural Landscapers, Ltd., is a national nonprofit organization that promotes the use of native plants in landscaping. Plants native to an area are adapted to the local soils and weather, and they provide food and shelter for native animals. Unlike exotic plant species, native plants require minimal soil preparation before planting and do not require chemical fertilizers or excessive watering to flourish.

Join Wild Ones

Membership applications can be obtained at chapter meetings, through chapter officers, and on the National Wild Ones web site. For chapter information, go to the Michigan Chapters page and click on the link for the chapter nearest you.

Wild Ones provides information about natural landscaping both to its members and to the community. Wild Ones promotes the development of biologically diverse plant communities and encourages the restoration of natural areas that have been degraded by the invasion of exotic plant species.

The Michigan Chapters of Wild Ones carry out the mission of Wild Ones through a variety of activities. Each chapter holds meetings, typically monthly. Meetings can consist of the following:

  • Speaker. Speakers have included landscape architects, parks naturalists, botanists, native-plant nursery owners, and fellow Wild Ones members.
  • Work day. Members remove invasive species from natural areas, collect seeds from prairie and woodland plants, or observe a prescribed burn.
  • Nature walk. Members visit nearby natural areas to observe the variety of plants typically found in a particular ecosystem.
  • Yard tour. Members visit both new and established natural landscapes.
  • Workshop. Members work together to find solutions to particular landscaping problems.

In addition to holding meetings, some of the Michigan chapters publish newsletters for members, which contain articles about local natural landscaping projects, profiles of native plants, tips on invasive-species removal, and other useful information. Some chapters also use email lists to provide a means of communication among members and other natural landscaping enthusiasts.

To learn more about the individual Michigan chapters and what they have to offer, please see the Michigan Chapters page, and click on the link for the chapter nearest you.

Yard sign  

Yard Signs For Sale

Include a Wild Ones yard sign in your natural landscape, and let the world know that “this land is in harmony with nature.” The signs are aluminum and measure approximately 7 inches wide by 10 inches tall. Order your sign by sending $21 to Wild Ones Yard Sign, P.O. Box 1274, Appleton, WI 54913-1274.


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