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Contact: Donna VanBuecken
Wild Ones National

Wild Ones Launches New Campaign to Promote Native Plants

Neenah, WI, January 31, 2010 – With the increasing interest in everything "green," Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes, recently announced their new campaign to increase awareness of the importance of using native plants in our landscapes. The campaign also aims to gain new members for the 30-year-old national not-for-profit organization.

Unlike the mega-environmental organizations, Wild Ones encourages a personal relationship with the natural world – a relationship that invites native plants and wildlife back into people's lives. Wild Ones members, practice environmentally sound landscaping methods such as less mowing, less lawn, fewer pesticides, and less fertilizer, while replacing standard lawns and gardens with communities of native plants in their own landscaping.

The methods advocated by Wild Ones help heal the Earth by fighting off the growth of harmful non-native, invasive species, and by providing a more natural habitat for indigenous wildlife.

In a recent Wild Ones Journal article, national president Carol Andrews said that the Wild Ones organization is at a critical juncture and needs to expand its audience to better publicize the need to grow more native plants. "Yes, it's a need, not a want, given the role native plants play in maintaining the biodiversity humans also depend on," she said.

Expanding their audience means adding new members, and to help with that, Wild Ones is offering their popular "Wild About Wildflowers" DVD free to all new members and to all existing members who renew at higher levels of membership. Members receive the bi-monthly Wild Ones Journal, access to all Wild Ones educational materials, and can participate in one of Wild Ones' 50 chapters around the country.

For more information: Donna VanBuecken, Wild Ones Executive Director. Phone: 877-394-9453. E-Mail: Web site: Facebook:

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