Wild Ones Media Center


The Wild Ones Media Center is the one-stop information center for media professionals wanting information about Wild Ones. Please check the resource list below, and then please contact the National Office or other representatives if you need more information.

National Office 2285 Butte des Mortes Beach Road, Neenah, Wisconsin 54956
877.394.9453 wildcenter@for-wild.org

Donna VanBuecken, Executive Director 877.394.9453 wildcenter@for-wild.org

Carol Andrews National President 218.730.9954 president@for-wild.org

What Is Wild Ones

Wild Ones is a not-for-profit, environmental education and advocacy organization whose members advocate the use of native plants and natural landscaping. Established in 1979, Wild Ones is headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, and has over 50 chapters around the country.
Wild Ones Vision and Values Statement

Why Native Plants and Natural Landscaping

Native plants are interesting and beautiful. Natural landscaping doesn't waste energy resources. And native plants and natural landscaping are important factors in restoring and maintaining biodiversity – keeping in mind that biodiversity is important to all life on Earth – including all human life.
Why Native Plants and Natural Landscaping

History of Wild Ones

The enthusiasm of nine people at a natural landscaping workshop in 1977 eventually blossomed into an organization of several thousand native-plant and natural-landscape enthusiasts.
History of Wild Ones

2010: The Year to Grow Wild Ones

New membership campaign hopes to spread the word about native plants and natural landscaping, while increasing membership.
The Year to Grow Wild Ones

Wild Ones Press Releases

Recent news about Wild Ones.
Press Releases

Wild Ones Photos

Photography related to Wild Ones for the use of media professionals.
Wild Ones Photos

Upcoming Activities

Conferences with acknowledged experts keep Wild Ones members up to date.
Upcoming Activities

Wild Ones Key Contacts

Information about some of the Wild Ones key contacts.
Biographical information

Wild Ones Headquarters

The new WILD Center is the epicenter of Wild Ones activities.
The WILD Center

Spiritual Mentor of Wild Ones: Lorrie Otto

Now in her 90s, Lorrie Otto continues as a guiding force, planting the seeds of natural landscaping in the hearts of thousands.
Lorrie Otto: Prairie Queen

Wild Ones Honorary National Directors

The Wild Ones honorary directors are acknowledged leaders in the field of native plants and natural landscaping.
Wild Ones Honorary National Directors

The Wild Ones Journal

In continuous publication for almost 25 years, the Journal is the "official" magazine of Wild Ones.
Wild Ones Journal

Wild Ones Member Certification

Ecoscaper and Ecospace are Wild Ones programs designed to help Wild Ones members learn more about native plants, natural landscaping, sustainable yard, and biodiversity.
Wild Ones Certification

The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program

Seeds for Education awards monetary grants to schools and other organizations that plan to develop natural-landscaping sites.
Seeds for Education