Advantages of a naturalized, native landscape:

Its biodiversity provides food and shelter for insects, birds, and animals.

Its structure provides shade and wind break.

Its ground cover slows rainwater and prevents soil erosion.

Its abundant plant life adds humidity and oxygen to the air

Its decaying plants return nutrients to the soil.

Its beauty provides pleasure for people.

Encouraging natives in landscaping:

WILD ONES membership!  We are a diverse membership interested in natural landscaping using native species.  Our mission is to educate and share information with members and communities at the 'plants-root' level and to promote biodiversity and environmentally sound practices.
Member benefits include:

  • Bimonthly publication - Wild Ones Journal 
  • Wild Ones Handbook or Resource  Directory
  • Seasonal field trips to experience and learn about naturalized landscapes
  • Slide shows/presentations/panel discussions by experts
  • Special events: plant rescues, plant/seed exchanges, seed gathering trips, sharing resources
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