Wild Ones Wish List

Contact any officer or board member to help fulfill our wish list

  • All Species Parade costumes such as Purple Coneflower, black-eyed Susan, etc.  Our costumes could debut on Earth Day All Species Parade and make come back appearances at future events!
  • Pictures for Booth Displays:  We have arranged to borrow a very nice tri-fold display for use when we have a booth (like Earth Day event).  We would like to borrow pictures of Kentucky/Southern Indiana native plant gardens, woodland wild flowers, or prairies.  We'll copy, enlarge, & laminate the pictures for use on the display and return originals to you.  See back of this sheet; of course, a Tom Barnes CD of pictures would be most welcome!
  • Plant rescue sites.  We need to know how to contact the owner/developer to get permission.
  • Future program sites.  We notice that chapters in other states often visit member's gardens.  Would you like to host a meeting and share your natural landscaping experience with us.
  • Housekeeping amenities:  A large cooler/dispenser to serve refreshments at meetings/events.
  • Plant/seed exchange.  We think this would be nice.  If you wold like to participate in organizing one, please contact Linda Sanford or Era MacDonald.
  • Articles for the local or national publication; for example: historical accounts such as the one in the March/April Wild Ones Journal, stories of your own experiences in preserving, restoring, or creating native plant habitats, botanical illustrations, or descriptions/pictures of natural landscaping sites that you have visited.
  • Sandwich Board carpentry and painting:  We need a to paint and assemble sandwich boards for use while working in the park, on plant rescues, and at events such as the parade on Earth Day.  We have a logo and we can type up the text to explain who we are and what we are doing there.
  • Your ideas/suggestions are always welcome. 

Our chapter is funded through a percentage of your dues that are reimbursed to us from the National Wild Ones.  As a new chapter we will be reimbursed at the 60% level through our first year, ending April 30, 1999.  Thereafter we will only receive 40% back.

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