January 1999

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Wild OnesŪ - Louisville Chapter Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 3 (Quarterly)

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Recent Club Activity

  • About 25 to 30 people attended the September 17th general meeting at Iroquois Park.  We toured the prairie and wetland restoration site, now in it's third year of establishment.  Most of the native grasses are already well established; these include Big Bluestem, Indiangrass, Little Bluestem, Broomsedge, Sideoats Grama and Prairie Cordgrass.  Among the wild flowers and legumes, we saw Downy Sunflower, Black-eyed Susan, Ironweed, Partridge Pea, and Rattlesnake Master.  Of the wetland plants we saw Cardinal Flower, Great Blue Lobelia, Soft-stem Bulrush, Cattails, and Sedges.
  • Neighborfest: Wild Ones shared a booth with the KY Native Plant Program for this two day event on September 12th & 13th.  Kudos go to the following members who volunteered to take shifts at the booth: Kent Gootee, John and Cheri Warren, Phyllis Croce, John Swintosky, Penelope Morton, Judith McCandless, Wanda Falks, Mike Smiley, Jerry and Portia Brown, Elaine Boyd, and Mary Clark-Coty.  Special thanks to John and Cheri Warren who provided a table and chairs and display set-up and Richard Wolford for donating a flat of Rattlesnake Master plants as new membership incentives for the booth.  Plants not given as a new member gift were made available to the volunteer helpers.  This was a great opportunity to provide information to the public about natural landscaping.  A great big Wild Ones Thank you goes to each person who helped with this event.
  • Community Leadership Alliance Picnic: Thanks to John and Cheri Warren again!  They single handedly did the Wild Ones booth at this event.  John said it was a lot of fun and he handed out a ton of literature and spoke to a lot of people about native plants and natural landscaping.
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Upcoming Events

oakleaf.gifThe next Wild – Ones Louisville Chapter meeting will be at Spalding University on January 21, 1999 at 6:30 PM in the Egan Leadership Center at Fourth and Breckinridge Streets. See the map below for more detailed directions to the meeting.

Thomas G. Barnes Ph.D. will speak on native plants for habitat restoration and natural landscaping. Dr. Barnes is an associate professor and extension wildlife specialist in the Department of Forestry at the University of Kentucky. He is a valuable source of information on birds and other wildlife as well as the plants that sustain them. He has authored numerous books and articles on the subject and has a fantastic slide show.

University of Kentucky : Department of Forestry

Donald H. Graves, Interim Chair, Extension Professor; Ph.D. (1974) University of Kentucky. (dgraves@ca.uky.edu)

General Extension Areas - Forestry, Wood Industry Conflict Resolution, and Reclamation: surface mine reclamation, wood resource utilization and marketing, value-added secondary wood product development and high value tree establishment systems for surface mine reclamation.

Spalding University - Campus Map
(Egan Leadership Center is Building #8)


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Wild Ones in the Park

Wild Ones will be assisting the Louisville/Jefferson County Parks Department and the Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy in their efforts to control invasive exotic plants and restore native plant communities in Cherokee Park. Wild Ones is adopting a triangle of park near the Eastern Parkway Entrance to Cherokee Park. The triangle is bounded by the Park’s Scenic Loop, Cherokee Road and Barney Avenue. The work will involve mostly removing large shrubs (honeysuckle, privet, burning bush), vines (oriental bittersweet, japanese honeysuckle) and trash in the area, stabilizing the area and replanting with native species (hopefully transplanted from rescue operations).

DATES SET: January 30th, Saturday – Noon to 3:00 pm (weather permitting)

February 27th, Saturday – Noon to 3:00 pm (weather permitting)

Park on Eastern Parkway and meet at the Daniel Boone Monument. Wild Ones member, Linda Sanford, of the Park Champions Program, will direct us in removing invasive plants. Bring your own gloves and hand tools. Park Champions will supplement our tool supply.

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More Volunteer Opportunities

The LOUISVILLE NATURE CENTER is asking for volunteers to help in their efforts to control invasive exotic plants. Call Jack Still at 458-1328 to volunteer. Work sessions are scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. on the following Saturdays: January 16 – mark exotics to be removed

February 6, February 20, and March 6 – exotic removal

Tom Barnes is looking for volunteers to help collect native genotype prairie seed over the next several years to restore a former corn/soybean field in Logan county. The University of Kentucky will be deeded the 105 acres that the landowner has expressed interest in restoring to native prairie. Logan county is in the south central part of the state just west of Bowling Green. This part of the state had significant area of prairie prior to settlement. Anyone interested can contact Tom by phone at 606-257-8633 or by e-mail at tbarnes@ca.uky.EDU.

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Wally Roberts, President of the Natural History Society, will give a talk on February 4th from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Louisville Nature Center (LNC) on “Seasonal Biodiversity of the Southern Applachians”. Admission is free to LNC members and $5 for non-members. The Nature Center is located in Joe Creason Park adjacent to the Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve at 3745 Illinois Avenue.

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John Swintosky up to his ears in Cattails at the Iroquois Park meeting.

John Swintosky up to his ears in Cattails at the Iroquois Park meeting.

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Major Waltman checks out the Indiangrass at the Iroquois Park meeting.

Major Waltman checks out the Indiangrass at the Iroquois Park meeting.


Chapter News for 1999

sunflower.gif Membership continues to blossom! As of December 13, 1998 the Wild Ones National headquarters has confirmed 82 members for the Louisville Chapter!!! When you consider that we started out with a handful of people at the first organizational meeting on March 26, 1998, it is really exciting to see this level of interest in such a short time.

The local officers and board members had a long but fruitful planning meeting on December 2nd. We began studying organizational and support material provided by the Wild Ones National headquarters and planned some changes to help our chapter conform more closely to national procedures. Four major decisions were made at this meeting:

Beginning with 1999 we will hold MONTHLY MEETINGS on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, starting February 16th at the Louisville Nature Center (LNC). LNC will be our home base for now… and especially during the colder weather. As the weather warms up we’ll plan more outdoor meetings. The “standard” 3rd Tuesday meeting time will be 7:00 p.m. The monthly meetings will provide informal opportunities for members to meet and share information. It occurs to us that we have a number of members who could lead a program for a monthly meeting. We still plan to have more formal quarterly meetings with special speakers or events. (NOTE: The January Meeting remains as previously scheduled for 6:30 pm, Thursday January 21st at Spalding University).

To present a slate of officers/board members and to call for additional nominations in this newsletter. Ballots (a pre-addressed fold-over) will be distributed at the January meeting and mailed to members not in attendance at the January meeting. Ballots will be counted at the February meeting. The term of office will begin in February and run through December 1999 to conform to the Wild Ones National headquarters procedure. Officer nominations for 2000 will be taken again at the November 1999 meeting. December 1999 will be an overlap/handoff month and the next term of office will begin in January 2000.

We voted to allow committee chairpersons to have voting status on the local chapter board.

We agreed that we do not want to be a political organization and do not want to lobby against anything. We do however, want to be a positive voice in favor of environmentally sound natural landscaping practices.


Richard Wolford has resigned from the Board citing time constraints that prevent him from being more active with the board. Richard remains a faithful member and we appreciate his help in the formative months of 1998.

Welcome two new board members:

John Swintosky, Landscape Architect with the Louisville/Jefferson County Parks Department.

Era MacDonald, former Vice President of the Frankfort Chapter who has moved to Jefferson County.

Local Chapter Election:

The current officers and board members have prepared the following slate of officers for your consideration. Anyone wishing to serve as an officer, board member, chairperson or committee member is encouraged to submit a nomination to our PO Box or call by Janaury 16th. We VERY MUCH need a Secretary to take minutes of meetings and correspond with the National Chapter. If you have these skills, please let us know. The slate of Officers and Board Members for 1999 is:

President: Portia Brown

Vice President: Mike Smiley

Treasurer: Open for Nominations

Secretary: Open for Nominations

At-large-board members: Kathy Lowrey and John Swintosky

Program Chairperson: Linda Sanford

Education Chairperson: Era MacDonald

Volunteer Coordinator: John Warren

Newsletter Chairperson: Mike Smiley

Web Master: Pat McClendon

*If no nominations are received and none of these positions are contested then the slate will go as it stands here and ballots will not be mailed to the general membership in January.

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Special Notes

  • Nominations for officers/board members are being taken through January 16th. Anyone interested in serving as an officer, board member, chairperson, or committee member is encouraged to submit a nomination. See page three for further details.
  • WildOnesKY is still looking for a secretary. Anyone interested please contact Mike Smiley or Portia Brown.
  • This is the last newsletter that will be sent to those who have not paid their dues.
  • Send us your e-mail addresses, if you have one..
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