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Prairie Tour
By Donna VanBuecken

When You Join Wild Ones

Joining Wild Ones gives you access to the camaraderie and information resources of other native plant enthusiasts. A single membership covers both the national organization and your local chapter. Members receive the Wild Ones New Member Handbook and the Wild Ones Journal, a bimonthly publication. In addition, many chapters also publish local newsletters.

Membership benefits include participation in any and all Wild Ones chapter activities, either locally or across the United States. These activities include such events as seed gathering, seed exchanges, plant rescues, plant sales, speaker presentations, garden tours, conferences, and bus tours.

At the national level, we have the Ecoscaper Certification Program, where you'll receive credit for what you've been learning. There's the members-only Online Discussion Group, where you can join in with questions, answers and discussions with other Wild Ones members. Also, all Wild Ones members are invited to attend our Annual Meeting and Conference, where you'll enjoy fabulous presentations, and meet with Wild Ones members and other experts from all around the country.

And don't forget the Wild Ones Membership Identification Card which can be used for a variety of other purposes including discounts from some local nurseries and related environmental vendors.

Join Online - Right Now!
Many people feel joining Wild Ones through PayPal is the most convenient way to join. Just choose the level of membership you'd like, click the button, and go from there. It's easy and will just take a few minutes.

Join Wild Ones Online! Wild Wilder Wildest
Household Membership
Business Membership
Limited Income or Full-Time Student
Gift Membership Once you arrive at the PayPal "Checkout" area, fill in "Shipping Information" with the name and address of the person to receive the gift and fill in the "Message to Seller (Optional)" with the name you want used on the gift acknowledgement and the purpose for the gift.
Household Lifetime Membership Payable in single payment of $1,200, or three annual installments of $400 each. Once you arrive at the PayPal checkout area, fill in the "Payment For" area (example, "Household Lifetime Membership Payment #1") – and then fill in the "Amount" area with the dollar amount you'd like to send.
Other Purchase or Donation to Wild Ones. Once you arrive at the PayPal checkout area, fill in the "Payment For" area (example, "Donation") – and then fill in the "Amount" area with the dollar amount you'd like to send.

Other Ways to Join Wild Ones

Join at a Chapter Meeting
One way to join is by attending a local chapter meeting. Click here for a list of chapters. The people you'll meet there will give you all the information you need to join Wild Ones.

Mail In an Application Form
Download our Membership Application Form, fill it out, and mail it in, along with your check.

Wild About Wildflowers Video Box"Almost-Free" Video
For a limited time, when you join Wild Ones or renew your Wild Ones membership at the $50 level or higher, you will receive, at no extra charge, the highly acclaimed video, Wild About Wildflowers: How to Choose, Plant, Grow, and Enjoy Native American Wildflowers and Grasses in Your Own Yard. This item sells in the Wild Ones Store for $30, but here's your chance to get it almost for "free." If you're not interested in the video, please let us know and we won't send it.

Prairie Directory of North America free. Thanks to the generosity of Wild Ones members Charlotte Adelman and Bernie Schwartz, of the Greater DuPage (IL) Chapter, this fabulous directory is yours free when you join or renew at the $75 level. Normally retailing for $25 (including shipping and handling), this directory not only locates prairies for you, but also gives you quick facts about each one.

Notes About Business Memberships
In addition to the usual household membership benefits, Business Membership includes:
1. Acknowledgment of new or renewing business members in the Wild Ones Journal.
2. Annual listing of all business memberships in the Wild Ones Journal.
3. Extra copies of the Wild Ones Journal.
4. Free copy of the Wild About Wildflowers video or CD-ROM (Macintosh/Windows format).

Household Lifetime Memberships
What is a household lifetime membership? Payment of the dues for a household lifetime membership means the Wild Ones member household will no longer get annual dues renewal reminders! It also means that they will receive a special token of our appreciation recognizing their contribution to Wild Ones. This recognition is being developed through discussions with the household lifetime members and we’ll have a decision at some future date. Suggestions so far range from something as small as a special embroidered patch or as large as an embroidered jacket which will only be available for the household lifetime member household use.

What is the cost? The dues for a household lifetime membership are $1,200 per household and can be paid in a lump sum or over a period of three years in $400 increments.

The membership applies to the household which includes children under 18 years of age. One address per membership.

What becomes of the funds? The funds are placed in a restricted trust account from which only the interest can be drawn upon to help defray operational expenses and pay the local chapter their annual dues reimbursement.

What are the benefits to Wild Ones as an organization? Trust funds which count toward assets and vested dedicated members.

What are the benefits to the household lifetime member? Simplicity of maintaining their membership and the tax deduction plus the bi-monthly publication of the Wild Ones Journal, membership to the local chapter in their area and all the other great benefits available to Wild Ones members.