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The Seeds for Education program (SFE) was established to honor Lorrie Otto for her continuing educational efforts. With Lorrie's birthday coming up soon, what better way to remember her work than with a birthday contribution to her favorite Wild Ones program?

Make an Online Donation to Wild Ones' Seeds for Education program, in honor of Lorrie Otto's birthday.

Here's How: Click the "Send $" button. When you arrive at the PayPal checkout area, fill in the "Payment For" area (example: "Donation to Seeds for Education program in honor of Lorrie Otto's birthday.") – and then fill in the "Amount" area with the dollar amount you'd like to send.

Or: If you'd like to send Lorrie a birthday card, click here to download a printable card that you can send along with a check.

Information about Lorrie Otto.
Information about Seeds for Education.

Original illustration (above) by Janet Wissink, Fox Valley area (WI) Chapter of Wild Ones.




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