Wild Ones   Citation on 25th Anniversary  

Wild Ones Citation


WHEREAS: Wild Ones was founded 25 years ago in Wisconsin on the natural landscaping philosophy taught by Lorrie Otto, a pioneer in the natural landscaping movement in the United States and member of the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame, and who has continued to be regarded as the Wild Ones inspirational leader; and

WHEREAS: Wild Ones has grown into a national organization consisting of members from all but five states and four Canadian provinces who believe in the benefits of using native plants in the landscaping of both their own yards and in community greenspace; and

WHEREAS: Wild Ones is a not-for-profit educational organization that firmly believes that Native Plants and Natural Landscaping promotes biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities; and

WHEREAS: Wild Ones’ major goals include educating people about the use of native plants in natural landscaping, and also a plant rescue program that helps preserve local plants for future generation; and

WHEREAS: Wild Ones chapters accomplish their goals by putting on monthly programs and tours, a Wild Ones Journal, maintaining a web site, sponsoring local community plantings and through the Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund; and

WHEREAS: The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund, established in 1995, supports schools, nature centers, and other places of learning with projects involving students creating natural landscapes and outdoor classrooms using native plants; and

WHEREAS: Wild Ones is an exemplary environmental organization that can proudly claim its roots in Wisconsin; THEREFORE

WHEREAS: The State of Wisconsin is proud to recognize the 25th Anniversary of Wild Ones, which was established on July 23 of 1979.

State Representative Steve Wieckert
57th Assembly District

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