Wild Ones   2003 Photo Contest Winners  

Wild Ones held its first annual photo contest in conjunction with the annual meeting and St Louis Chapter’s native plant conference.

In all, there were 24 entries from throughout our membership. Although we couldn’t award a prize to everyone entering the contest, it was a great display and all photographers deserve our compliments for their fine work. We are looking forward to a bigger list of entries and winners for 2004 which is our 25th anniversary celebration.

Besides the usual prized ribbons, the 2004 Winners received a variety of prizes. 

Grand Prize winners received gift certificates from Prairie Nursery of Westfield, Wisconsin:

1st - $100:       Mary Kuller of Rock River (IL)Valley with “Chinese Fog (Euonymus atropurpurpeus - Wahoo).” This photo came from Mary’s wooded backyard and was taken with a Canon ELPH digital camera. Mary’s said says she “feels blessed with a wonderful woodland setting and have attempted to keep it as native as possible (no lawn).”

2nd - $50:        John Arthur & Pamela Deerwood of Twin Cities (MN) Chapter sent “Whitefaced Meadowhawk on Liatris.” This photo was taken in John and Pam’s backyard with an Olympus E-20, 80 speed.

3rd - $25:        John Everett who is a Wild Ones partner-at-large from Florida shot “A Tiger Becomes Prey” at the Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Category winners received a variety products from Wild Ones yard signs and books.

Native Insects & Bugs Category:
1st:      John Arthur & Pamela Deerwood “Whitefaced Meadowhawk on Liatris”
2nd:    John Everett “A Tiger Becomes Prey”
3rd:     Donna Brunet of Mid-Missouri (MO) Chapter “Courting Sachems on Ox-Eye Sunflower”


1st:      Marilyn Stroud of Fox Valley Area (WI) Chapter “Shooting Star of Springtime.” Taken in the native woodland remnant in her back forty, Marilyn shot this photo with a Minolta 5000i with a close-up lenses using Kodak Max 800. Marilyn says she’s “LOVED these shooting stars since she married and moved to this site 30 years ago. They grow on a wet hill in the woods where the rock is close to the surface and are GORGEOUS Marilyn thinks the remnant was saved because it would be impossible to plow with that rock cover just under the soil.”

2nd:    Joe Powelka of Madison (WI) Chapter “Indian Pipe”

3rd:     Donna Brunet “Orange Coneflower”


1st:      Mary Kuller “Chinese Fog (Euonymus atropurpureus)”

2nd:    Kathy Bildner of St Louis (MO) Chapter “Prairie Pulaski County Missouri” 

3rd:     Joe Williamson of St Louis (MO) Chapter “Woodland Path with Bluebells and Poppies”

Landscaping with residence in background:

1st:      Bret Rappaport of Lake to Prairie (IL) Chapter “Prairie Home”

2nd:    Liz Jones of St Louis (MO) Chapter “My House Seen From Back of Native Plant Bed at Rear of Property”


1st:      Carol Niendorf of Fox Valley Area (WI) Chapter “How many spiders does a spiderwort have?” Carol caught her grandsons looking for clues in the restored prairie meadow behind Carol’s home.

All winning photos will be used in our various media and promotional materials.
Special thanks go to Diane Powelka, Madison (WI) Chapter and Wild Ones board member, who served as Photo Contest Chair, and her committee members, Carol Andrews, board member and President of Arrowhead (MN) Chapter, and Mandy Ploch, national board member from Milwaukee-North (WI) Chapter.

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