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There are two options for loading member data into an Excel spreadsheet: import the data from a file saved from the web page, or copy and paste.
  1. Import from file:
    First, save the data to a text file. Make sure you select TAB-delimted as the Format option. After the member data are displayed, save the displayed page as a text file. On your browser, click on the upper left "File", "Save As". Some browsers will ask you choose "Save as type", you should choose "Text File (*.txt)". The "File name" should be a name you can easily remember, and end in a ".txt" suffix, e.g., "labeldata.txt". Some browsers may warn that the page may not be saved properly as a web page; answer yes to continue. Make sure you "Save in" a folder on your computer that you can remember as well. Finally click on "Save".

    Then in Excel, open the .txt file you had just saved. It should ask you to descriibe your data, you should choose "Delimited", then specify "Tab" as the Delimiter. These values should be the default choices in Excel, so you should be able to just keep clicking "Continue" in the dialogue boxes until it is finished opening your file.

  2. Copy and Paste:
    Hold the left mouse button down and drag it over the entire web page after the member data are displayed. This usually works best from top left to bottom right. Then, on the menu bar of your browser, click Edit -> Copy. This puts the contents on a clipboard, ready to paste.

    Then in Excel, open a blank sheet. It it doesn't already present a blank sheet, click on the leftmost icon (a blank sheet) on the tool bar. On the blank sheet, click the left mouse button on the very first cell which appears in the upper left-hand corner of the spreadsheet. It is the blank cell to the left of the "A" cell and above the "1" cell. By clicking on this cell with the left mouse button, the entire spreadsheet becomes highlighted. Now on the menu bar of Excel, click Edit -> Paste Special.

    A dialogue box may pop up asking you to choose a format "As": choose "Text", then click "OK". Another dialogue box may pop up asking: "Data on the clipboard is not the exact size and shape as the selected area. Do you want to paste the data anyway?". Click "OK" and the data will be pasted into the spreadsheet.

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