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To be held in conjunction with 2003 Wild Ones Annual Meeting

It's time to start snapping! No, not turtles, or rubber bands, or fingers. Get out your camera and start snapping pictures! (And go through your file of photos taken since January 1, 2002.) Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes is holding a photo contest to give members a chance to "strut their stuff" when it comes to photos and native landscaping. The photos will be displayed and judged at the Annual Meeting on September 13 at the Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, MO (near St Louis). Only current Wild Ones members may enter. Deadline for receipt of submission(s) is September 12, 2003; no exceptions.

Mail photos to:
Submittal form:
The following information should appear on the back of each photo submitted:
2003 Wild Ones  Photography Contest Entry Form
Mailing Address___________________________________________________________________
Phone_________________________  E-mail____________________________________________
Wild Ones Chapter Affiliation_____________________________________________________
                (If not a member of a chapter, indicate PAL for partner-at large.)
Photo Category____________________________________________________________________
Title of Photo____________________________________________________________________
Contest rules:
  1. One entry per category; two entries per member.
  2. Photos must have been taken on or after January 1, 2002.
  3. All photos must be 5"x7" (no exceptions).
  4. Photos may be in color or black and white.
  5. Each print must be mounted on a matte board and then displayed through (or framed within) a bevel-edged "window cut" in another piece of matte board.
  6. A completed entry form must be affixed to the back of each entry. Entry forms may be photocopied.
  7. Photographs will be judged according to the following criteria:
  8. Technical merit: composition, sharpness of focus, depth of field, color balance;
  9. Presentation: matte choice, neatness of mounting and matting, photo solidly mounted; and
  10. Appropriateness to category.
  11. Artistic merit.


  1. Flora: Native plant specimens
  2. Scenery: wood (woodland, wooded trails); prairie (dry, wet mesic, clay); water (wetlands, ponds rain gardens)
  3. Native insects or bugs
  4. Child/Children exploring prairies, woodlands, or wet areas
  5. Landscaping: with residences as part of the subject; with businesses as part of the subject
  6. Wild Ones activities: educational programs (monthly meetings, conferences, seed exchanges, seed gatherings, garden tours, etc.); public relations activities (home & garden shows, festivals, etc.); plant rescues

Winners may not be selected if the judges deem the photos submitted in a specific category not worthy of an award. Judges will be attendees at the Annual Meeting who have not entered the contest. Entries will be returned in person only to the photographer or his/her representative. Entries to be returned by mail must be accompanied by self-addressed, postage-paid packaging. By entering the contest, each photographer will be giving Wild Ones Natural Landscapers, Ltd permission to publish his/her photograph. With the photographers' permission, photos desired for publication will be held for future use. For more information, contact Diane Powelka, Photo Contest Chair at 1-608-837-6308 or Donna VanBuecken, Executive Director at (toll-free) 1-877-394-9453 or e-mail photo2003@for-wild.org.

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