Wild Ones   2003 Wild Ones Photo Entry Form and Rules  

To be held in conjunction with 2003 Wild Ones Annual Meeting

It's time to start snapping!

No, not turtles, or rubber bands, or fingers. Get out your camera and start snapping pictures! (And go through your file of photos taken since January 1, 2002.)

Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes is holding a photo contest to give members a chance to "strut their stuff" when it comes to photos and native landscaping. The photos will be displayed and judged at the Annual Meeting on September 13 at the Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, MO (near St Louis). Only current Wild Ones members may enter. Deadline for receipt of submission(s) is September 12, 2003; no exceptions.

Mail photos to:

Submittal form:

The following information should appear on the back of each photo submitted:

2003 Wild Ones Photography Contest Entry Form


Mailing Address_______________________________________________________________


Phone_________________________ E-mail_______________________________________

Wild Ones Chapter Affiliation_____________________________________________________

(If not a member of a chapter, indicate PAL for partner-at large.)

Photo Category_______________________________________________________________

Title of Photo_________________________________________________________________

Contest rules: