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The following landscapers design and install natural landscapes using Michigan native plants. Many also offer other services, such as species inventories, restoration, and maintenance of natural landscapes.

If you do your own landscaping and are looking for sources of native plants and seeds, see the Native Plant Sources page.

Mike Appel and Greg Vaclavek
The Native Plant Nursery
PO Box 7841
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-7841
Phone: (734) 994-9592
Fax: (313) 831-0388
Email: plants@nativeplant.com
Web site: www.nativeplant.com

The Native Plant Nursery grows Michigan native grasses and perennials using local, southeastern Michigan seed. Our nursery features ecological consulting, landscape design, and the installation, restoration, and management of native-plant communities for residences and businesses.

David Borneman
Borneman Consulting, LLC
1123 Mixtwood
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 994-3475
Cell: (734) 645-8476
Email: davidborneman@yahoo.com

I provide a complete line of ecological consulting services for native landscaping, specializing in prescribed ecological burning and project management. I've been the "Burn Boss" for Ann Arbor Parks since 1994, and serve on the Steering Committee of the Southern Michigan Prescribed Fire Council. Fully insured, safe, and competent.

Esther Durnwald
Michigan Wildflower Farm
11770 Cutler Road
Portland, MI 48875
Phone: (517) 647-6010
Fax: (517) 647-6072
Email: wildflowers@voyager.net

The Michigan Wildflower Farm produces seed of Michigan-genotype forbs and grasses. We also provide consulting, installation, and maintenance services.

Erica Kempter and Mike Levine
Nature and Nurture, LLC
114 Eighth Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 368-2610

We do ecological restoration and edible landscaping (vegetables and fruit trees). All of our methods are organic; we do not use herbicides or pesticides. When possible we use local sources for our native plants.

Chris Lehr
Nativescape L.L.C.
PO Box 122
Manchester, MI 48158
Phone: (517) 456-9696
Email: chris@nativescapes.net
Web site: www.nativescapes.net

Nativescape produces Michigan-genotype and Great Lakes regional native seed for prairie, savanna, woodland, dune, and wetland habitats. We also provide the following services: natural landscape design, ecological consultation, wetland mitigation, habitat inventory, floristic quality assessment, environmental impact, bioengineering, stormwater management, land management and plans, plant rescue and volunteer opportunities, and presentations, slide shows, workshops, speaking.

David Mindell
PlantWise Native Landscapes
224 Charles Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 665-7168
Email: plantwise@aol.com

PlantWise provides native-landscape consulting, restoration, design, and installations. Our speciality is the restoration of existing natural areas through invasive-species removal, prescribed fire, and planting.

Amy Murray
600 S. Hurd Road
Oxford, MI 48371
(248) 969-9200

Emphasizing native plants and natural communities, I design and install plantings and hardscapes for residential, commercial, and suburban farm settings.

Jewel Richardson
Wetlands Nursery
PO Box 14553
Saginaw MI 48601
Phone: (517) 752-3492
Email: JewelR@aol.com

Wetlands Nursery specializes in nursery-grown Michigan native wetland plants and seeds. We offer on-site consulting and plant installation services.

Bill Schneider
WILDTYPE Design, Native Plants, and Seed
900 N. Every Road
Mason, MI 48854
Phone: (517) 244-1140
Fax: (517) 244-1142
Email: wildtype@pilot.msu.edu
Web site: www.wildtypeplants.com

WILDTYPE is a producer of native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses. We also provide ecological design and consulting services for public, commercial, and residential projects, with a focus on restoration and preservation of native landscape. Services offered include species inventory and site assessment; design and planning; and establishment and management of native landscapes.

Tom Smith
Grass Roots, Inc.
PO Box 4001
East Lansing, MI 48826
Phone: (517) 337-2405
Fax: (517) 337-2430
Email: grassroots@voyager.net

Grass Roots provides landscape design, construction, and management services. We specialize in native plants and integrated pest management (IPM) programs, and we are a distributor for North Country Organics fertilizers and natural organic pest controls.

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