Our board vice-president, Beate Popkin, has been gardening, both privately and professionally through her landscape company (www.livinggardenskentucky.com), for many years.  She and her husband Jeremy moved into their home seven years ago. Luckily they live on a half acre lot because Beate enjoys adding more and more gardens and it would be a shame if she ran out of room! Just this year she added another native plant garden to her already lush front yard.


Here is Beate’s description of her gardens:


“The front yard is mostly sunny and predominantly planted in natives: perennial flowers, shrubs and trees. The backyard is more than half shaded by evergreens and has a greater proportion of non-native plants growing in it. I am committed to having a large diversity of species in my garden, and I have increasingly moved toward native species since I started gardening here, but I don't see myself ever banishing all non-natives. I strive to grow all my plants in an ordered, though not a conventional design. I have been adding new garden areas every year since we moved to this property; I am always contemplating or making changes."


Event details are as follows:


Time:         10am

Location: 124 Idle Hour Drive (off Richmond Road, just inside New Circle – www.mapquest.com  

                   shows the location correctly.)


Social time will follow the tour.