Time:         6 PM

Location:   The Arboretum, 500 Alumni Drive 


The next meeting of our Wild Ones group takes place on Thursday, October 7, at 6 (!) p.m. We will meet at the Arboretum in front of the Visitor Center. Dave Leonard will speak to us about tree care and illustrate his lessons with the help of trees on the Arboretum grounds. He will show us how to properly prune a tree, how to recognize a tree that is stressed, and what can cause a tree to decline in health and vigor. Dave is the owner of Dave Leonard-Consulting Arborist, a company that has cared for trees in Central Kentucky for several decades.


The large majority of the deciduous trees that grow around us are natives, and any new trees that we plant on our properties are likely to be native as well. Thus, if we learn to preserve our existing trees and understand how to help young trees grow into healthy and beautiful specimen, we can contribute much to our Wild Ones goal, namely increasing the number of native plant species in our environment and maintaining the habitat for wildlife they provide. With his many years of professional experience Dave Leonard is well placed to teach us how we can work toward these objectives.


Please note that we moved our meeting time forward by half an hour in order to have a reasonable amount of daylight for this outdoor meeting.