A Winter Gathering, 11 am - 1:30 pm, Sponsored by Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Wild Ones.

Get out this morning and celebrate the approach of spring at a very informal social event with your Wild Ones friends (Cincinnati & Lexington, KY) in Maineville, OH (just outside Cincinnati, before you get to King’s Island). Everyone will have a chance to share a favorite gardening tool, story or experience with the group. Barry Dalton and Jacob Bartley (Habitats Native Plant Nursery) will be attending and bringing a surprise presentation.(Should you wish to show some photographs or other illustrations, a carousel slide projector, overhead projector, easels and screen will be available for your use.)

Lunch will be provided: chili, soups, bread, cheeses and fruit + tea and coffee. Bringing food is not necessary but if you desire, crackers, bread or dessert will be most welcomed.

RSVP: Voice Mail (leave message) at (513) 398-4203 or E-mail: rdbricker@aol.com

For exact location, directions, and possible carpooling email Ann Bowe.