Volunteer Opportunities

The chapter provides several volunteer opportunites to help promote the mission of Wild Ones, expand our membership, engage in fundraising efforts, and provide opportunites to get to know other members of the chapter. Committee work provides a longer term volunteer opportunity and Special or One Time Events gives variety with different opportunities. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jack Pfaffmann for more information and to sign up.


Plant Rescue: In accordance with Wild Ones guidelines, coordinates plant rescue efforts between the local chapter and landowners. Stays abreast of activities where land development may destroy natural areas.

Photographer: Takes pictures of chapter events and activities.

Fundraising: Spearheads fund raising projects for chapter programs and activities.

Youth Education: Involves various youth groups in schoolyard habitat projects, local restoration efforts, etc.

Community Outreach: Serves as a liaison between the chapter and various community organizations to increase awareness of chapter activities and the value of planting native species.

Special or One Time Events

Event: Sugar Grove Nature Center’s Autumn Celebration
Day & Time: Sunday, October 22, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tasks/Work: Volunteers Needed for 1-2 hour shifts at the Wild Ones Children’s Activity booth. Assist children make rubbings of white oak and sugar maple leaves; explain the importance of these important native trees.
Contact: Jack Pfaffmann if you are interested in helping out.

One or more days
Event: Audubon Garden Project (Normal) - In association with the John Wesley Powell Audubon Society
Tasks/Work: Help maintain a native plant demonstration/educational garden on Constitution Trail. Contact Jack Pfaffmann if you are interested in participating.