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(These links were originally compiled by Pat McClendon of the Louisville Chapter of Wild Ones in 1998.
They have been updated in Sept 2002 by the Frankfort Chapter.
We present them here on our site with many thanks to Pat and to the Louisville Chapter.)

Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commision

Appalachian Sustainable Forestry (AppalFor)

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Clermont, KY 40110

Blanton Forest Trust - largest old-growth forest in Kentucky (Harlan County){Sorry link not working at the moment}

Concept Zero on Land Between the Lakes economic, environmental and moral high ground.

Forestry in the Appalachian Hardwoods of Kentucky

Daniel Boone National Forest (from GORP)

Heartwood in Kentucky ){Sorry link not working at the moment}

The Compleat Guide to Jfferson County Memorial Forest (Jefferson County, Kentucky) by John A. Knouse

Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer - Counties

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Information System (KFWIS)

Kentucky Information Page: Kentucky Enviroment and Natural Resources

Kentucky's Natural Resources Cabnet

Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission

Kentucky Native Plant Society  

Kentucky State Parks

Kentucky Waterways Alliance Home Page

Land Between The Lakes

Mammoth Cave Online - Lakes of Kentucky

National Audubon Society - Kentucky Chapter

The Nature Conservancy - Kentucky Chapter

Official Kentucky Vacation/Tourism Guide

Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky

The Red River Gorge Geological Area (Kentucky USA)

Russell Fork Water Watch Home Site

Spencer County Kentucky's Web Page

Wildflowers of Western Kentucky (Michael W. Thompson) (A beautiful Photo Gallery of Wild Flowers){Sorry, link temporarily out of order}

Fungi and Other Native Flora of Western Kentucky (A compilation of Mushroom and Fungi, Ferns and Fern Allies, and Other Plants){Sorry, link temporarily out of order}

Rachel Carson Counsel

Stein's Virtual Herbarium - Appalachian plants

Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society

Except for the last link, the above links are oriented toward the state of Kentucky.
There are many other links to information resources that have been developed by the National Level of Wild Ones and are more generic in nature.

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