Wild Ones   Fox Valley Area Chapter Plant Rescues Overview  

The Fox Valley Area Chapter organizes and carries out occasional plant rescues to save native plants that would otherwise be destroyed by construction or other changes in land use. Plant rescues are performed with the permission of the land owner, and in accordance with a set of policies and procedures established by the chapter.

Plant Rescue Contacts

Dig Chair Coordinator. Guides and directs all rescue dig activities with the assistance of county dig chairs. Donna VanBuecken (920) 730-3986

County Dig Chairs:

Policies, Procedures and Helpful Information

All Fox Valley Area Wild Ones members agree to a code of ethics prior to participating in any plant rescue activities.

A list of "Dos and Don'ts" describes the overall appraoch, including identifying sites, obtaining landowner permission, transplant site preparation, etc.

Participant guidelines provide direction for activities on the day of a plant rescue dig.

How To Get Involved

Members of the Fox Valley Area Chapter are welcome to participate in plant rescue activities.  After reading all the materials, complete and submit a participant registration form. You also must also sign a liability waiver the day of the plant rescue. See the attached sample. You'll be notified when a plant rescue is scheduled in your area based on your participant registration form.

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