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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets via email and before regular chapter meetings. Board members include the immediate past president, president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and chairs of the major committees.

Officers are elected for a term of two years in November, and are installed at the chapter's annual meeting in February, and assume their duties immediately thereafter.

President - Acts as spokesperson for the chapter, serves as ambassador-at-large to encourage native landscaping and protect the interests of the chapter.  Co-Presidents Sharon Duerkop (920) 734-1419 and Karen Syverson (920) 987-5587

Vice-President - Assists President and oversees implementation of chapter long-range goals. OPEN

Secretary - Communicates with chapter members and documents monthly meetings. Steve Hazell (920) 235-1773

Treasurer - Maintains records of chapter finances, prepares proposed budget, oversees budget. Angela Dodge (920) 231-7916

Past President - Carol Niendorf (920) 233-4853


Membership - Maintains membership roll and encourages growth of the chapter. For a membership brochure, contact Colleen McCermott (920) 235-0360

Program - Plans the program for regular meetings. Co-Chairs Kate Langner (920) 667-4746 and Amy Kuehl (920) 982-0955

Publicity - Promotes chapter activities to the general public. Karen Gibbs (920) 231-9481                                                 Photograph copyright Steve Maassen

Editor - Publishes the chapter's bimonthly newsletter. Harmon Seaver (920) 233-5820

E-mailing List Coordinator - Keeps listing up-to-date for inter chapter e-mailing. Donna VanBuecken (920) 730-3986.

Conference Chair - Organizes the annual all-day natural landscaping conference. Janet Wissink (920) 589-2602

Display Setup -  Takes the Chapter display to events. Dave Edwards (920) 733-3410

Hospitality - Arranges for refreshments for the networking part of each monthly educational meeting. Sue Forbes (920) 733-8666, Tom Glawe and Esther Meyer (920) 984-3158,

Historian - Maintains records of such activities of the chapter as will be germane in future years. Rob Ryf (920) 361-0792

Librarian - Maintains technical materials related to chapter goals and activities. Rob Ryf (920) 361-0792

Photographer - Photographically captures and preserves a record of the chapter's activities for educational, historical, and publicity purposes.

Seeds for Education - This committee of educators and general chapter members gathers and disseminates information on grants, plants, seeds, and programs for teachers/curricula and promotes native planting areas and outdoor classroom curricula at schools. OPEN

Merchandise Coordinator - Orders, maintains and distributes any promotional items made available through the chapter. Donna VanBuecken (920) 730-3986.

Special Events - Coordinates Fox Valley Area Chapter's participation in special events throughout our membership area. Maureen Flatley (920) 722-1488.

Grants - Serves as chairperson for the chapter's "Natural Landscaping for Tomorrow" grant program. Rita Davis (920) 898-4328.

Speakers Bureau Coordinators - Point of contact for speaker representatives from the Fox Valley Area Chapter. Carol Niendorf (920) 233-4853 or Donna VanBuecken (920) 730-3986.

Webmaster - Maintains local chapter's web pages. Mark Staeven (920) 205-5578

Plant Rescue Committee - See the plant rescue page.

County Dig Chairs

Fond du Lac    - Randal Maurer (920) 748-7823

Green Lake    - Peggy Stevens (920) 748-3989

Outagamie      - Donna VanBuecken (920) 730-3986    Dig Coordinator.

Waupaca         - Amy Kuehl (920) 982-0955

Winnebago      - Dave Conover (920) 231-2337

                         - Dave Peck (920) 722-0223

                         - Anne Ross (920) 740-8991

Help Wanted

We welcome your help on our committees. We are especially looking for volunteers to serve on the Program, Special Events, and Plant Rescue committees.

Long-Range Goals

The top six goals of the Fox Valley Area chapter, as identified at a long-range planning session in March 2, 1997 are:

1. All schools in the Fox Valley area will have native planting areas and outdoor classroom curricula.

2. Chapter members will become knowledgeable about native landscaping and take plant rescue dig training.

3. There will be more visible native plantings on public and private lands.

4. Native plants and seeds will be readily available and reasonably priced and professional landscapers will recommend native plants when designing yards.

5. Wild Ones membership will increase and there will be a ready supply of strong leaders.

6. Local ordinances will encourage rather than discourage natural landscaping.

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