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The purpose of this list is to provide an open forum for the posting and discussion of news and information relating to the wild.ones email list. This list is for NON-COMMERCIAL uses only.

The list owner or owners are University of Michigan–affiliated, and you may send a message to a special address, wild.ones-owner@listserver.itd.umich.edu, to communicate with the person or persons authorized to administer this list. If and only if the list owner cannot help with your request, you may contact itd-listmaster@umich.edu for help with problems associated with the operation of this list. Most list operations are explained below; the web interface for this group has a good help facility.

Just so that you have all the commands neatly contained in one place, here is just about everything you will need to know. Note that the list is running on a Lyris server; this is a very new (and VERY NICE!) server, so be aware that the commands might be different from those that you are used to using on other list servers. (For more information on Lyris, see www.lyris.com.)

  1. First of all, almost everything that you might need to do on the server is most easily and effectively performed via Lyris’ Web interface at listserver.itd.umich.edu. To go directly to the web page for this list, use listserver.itd.umich.edu/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?enter=wild.ones.
  2. In case you do not have Web access, here are some key commands; in all cases, the default server address is wild.ones-REQUEST@umich.edu. Other addresses are shown where appropriate. Note that commands may be placed in either the SUBJECT line or in the BODY of the message.

    POSTING TO THE LIST: You must be a subscriber to post messages. Sending mail to this address will distribute it to all the members of the mailing list: wild.ones@umich.edu

  3. CHANGING YOUR SETTINGS/ADDRESS VIA THE WEB INTERFACE: To do this, go to listserver.itd.umich.edu/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?enter=wild.ones, enter your e-mail address and password (if you have one set), and click on the “Your Settings” button.

    (If you’ve forgotten your password, you can type in your e-mail address in the field at the bottom of the page and click “Get password” to request Lyris to e-mail your password to you.)

    At the following page, you can read messages, post a message, adjust your settings, or unsubscribe. From the settings page, you can change your status (MAIL, DIGEST, INDEX, or NOMAIL), choose whether or not to see your own messages, and choose whether or not you want to receive a separate acknowledgement via e-mail when one of your messages is posted to the list. You can also change your e-mail address if you need to. When you change your settings, make sure you click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

  4. CHANGING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: If your email address is about to change, send a message to wild.ones-request@umich.edu from your CURRENT email address, with the following as the body of the message:
    set email=[new-email-address]

    substituting your new email address (don’t use the brackets!). You should receive confirmation by return mail. PLEASE DO THIS WHILE YOU HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR OLD ACCOUNT.

  5. ARCHIVES: The archives for this list are available on the Web at listserver.itd.umich.edu/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?enter=wild.ones. Note that viewing list archives is generally restricted to those who are subscribed to the list.
  6. BOUNCED MAIL: One of the key features of Lyris is its ability to handle mail bounces transparently to the list owner; as such, bounced mail will be handled primarily by the Lyris list server. If your mailbox fills up or if there are other failures in getting the list postings to you, you may be automatically unsubscribed. The list owner (or the server administrator) will have set the conditions for automatic deletion of your subscription. It will be at least 24–48 hrs of failures. In the case you fail to receive postings to the list, you may need to resubscribe, especially if you have had your mailbox overflow.
  7. POSTS/REPLIES FROM DIGEST USERS: You must change the Subject line when replying to a digest; all posts with “wild.ones DIGEST” in the Subject line will be rejected by the server (you will receive a “rejection letter” when this happens).

PROBLEMS: If you have ANY problems related to the wild.ones@umich.edu Discussion List, please do not post them to the list. Rather, send a message to wild.ones-owner@listserver.itd.umich.edu so that the list owner/administrator can deal with your problem, or send them on to the server administrator.

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