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New York
South Carolina
All members are encouraged to attend the quarterly meetings of the Wild Ones National Board. More details will be printed as they become available, or they can be obtained from National Executive Director.

October 25, 2003 Board meeting hosted by Twin Cities Chapter in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

National Calendar

    Sep 13, 2003 (Sat)    

    2003 Annual Wild Ones Meeting hosted by St. Louis Chapter in conjunction with the Shaw Nature Preserve's Annual Conference and Workshop. Click here for the registration form.

    Click confirmation to see logistical details of the event.

    A Photo Contest will be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting; click here for details on the Photo Contest. Photo entries will be judged by members attending the annual meeting.

    For a map to Shaw Nature Preserve, click map. For a more precise map of the Shaw Nature Preserve entrance, click map2.



    Limited lodging accommodations are available in the newly reconstructed Nature Reserve log cabins. $35.00 Bring linens and pillows. Thanks!


    Holiday Inn Express $76.08 this is a special rate/be sure to mention Shaw Nature Reserve for this rate.
    636-257-8400 teL
    636-257-3112 fax
    1400 W. Osage
    Pacific, MO
    (Take the Pacific exit off of I-44. Hotel is on the South side of interstate near the exit.)

    Econolodge $58.45 this is their regular rate.
    636-938-5348 tel
    636-587-2419 fax
    Eureka, MO
    (Take the Allenton/6 Flags exit off I-44. Hotel is on the N. side of 44 and to the east 1/4 mile.)

    ***Also, for those who don't mind older motels, the Gardenway is next door to SNR and their number is 636-742-4388. They will have the best rate, but the rooms are marginal.

    Sep 14, 2003 (Sun)    

    2003 Third Quarter National Board Meeting hosted by St Louis Chapter of Wild Ones in conjunction with the Shaw Nature Reserve's Annual Natural Landscaping Conference. For details on the conference go to

    Oct 25, 2003 (Sat)    

    2003 Fourth Quarter National Board Meeting hosted by Twin Cities Chapter of Wild Ones in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Chapter Calendars


  • Palouse Chapter
    • BILL FRENCH: (208) 883-3937 prairiedoc@moscow.com
      ELIZABETH MILES, (208) 882-5331 milesemsend@yahoo.com
      Unless otherwise announced, all meetings will be the second Sunday of each month, 2:00pm, in Room 2B of the Latah County Courthouse.


  • Cary Chapter
  • Greater DuPage Chapter
    • MESSAGE CENTER: (630) 415-IDIG
      PAT CLANCY: (630) 964-0448 Clancypj2@aol.com
      Chapter usually meets the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the College of DuPage, Building K, Room 161, unless otherwise noted.

        Sep 28, 2003 (Sun)    

      See three different native gentians in bloom and climb the highest glaciated knob in the State of Illinois. George Johnson, lont-time member and past president of the Illinois Native Plant Society, invites Wild Ones to visit his planted prairie in McHenry County and tour neighboring areas. Meet at George's place in Harvard, IL at 2:00 p.m. Contact Pat Clancy at the above phone or e-mail address for directions.

        Oct 16, 2003 (Thu)    

      SEEDS -- Collecting, Storing, Preparing, Planting, Germinating
      Our speaker, Roy Diblik, collected his first prairie seed as a volunteer under Pat Armnstrong at the Schulenberg Prairie at the Morton Arboretum. He became the native plant propagator at the Natural Garden in St. Charles and worked there for many years. Finally, he moved to Wisconsin and started his own nursery business called the Northwind Prennial Farm.

        Nov 08, 2003 (Sat)    

      1:00 p.m. at College of Dupage, Building K, West Commons, Glen Ellyn, IL.

      We invite you to come and buy or trade native wildflowers, grasses and other garden seed. When bringing seeds to trade, please label with common and Latin name, description of the plant and its habitat, and origin of the seed if known. You may package them in envelopes, film cans, bags, etc. If you have none to trade, seeds will be available for a nominal charge. (Tip: You may want to bring envelopes or small bags in which to take home your seeds.)

      As well as an amazing variety of seeds, you’ll see pictures of members’ gardens and find out how Wild Ones can help you grow wildflowers, design a natural landscape or even start your own prairie! Admission is free.


        Nov 20, 2003 (Thu)    

      All members are invited to bring slides, pictures, and/or some helpful tips and information about their experiences in the area of starting and growing native plants. We hope to have a very lively evening of discussion and sharing ideas, so please join us and join in.

        Feb 19, 2004 (Thu)    

      Wild About Arthropods

      What can chickadees and nuthatches find to eat in your back yard in the winter? There are egg cases, larvae, cocoons, and even adult insects, spiders and other arthropods lurking in your natural yard. Go out and look--then bring your finds to the meeting.
      Peter Chen will share whatever he can find and also discuss resources for finding information about invertebrates in our region. Peter teaches nature classes at the Morton Arboretum and the St. Charles and Naperville Park Districts, and is currently taking courses at North Central College to become a biology teacher. To help you keep warm this winter, listen to some summer insect sounds:
      A resource list is here: http://www.for-wild.org/chapters/dupage/040219_arthropoda.html.

  • Lake-To-Prairie Chapter
    • KARIN WISIOL: (847)548-1650 kawisiol@pcbb.net
      Meetings are usually held on the second Monday of the month at 7:15 p.m. in the Byron Colby Community Barn at Prairie Crossing, Grayslake (Rt. 45, about 1/2 mile south of Ill. 120).

  • Macomb Chapter
  • North Park Village Nature Center Chapter (Chicago area)
    • BOB PORTER: (312) 744-5472
      Meetings are usually held the second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the North Park Nature Center, 5801 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago, unless otherwise indicated.

        Oct 09, 2003 (Thu)    

      Join John Gishnock, of Applied Ecological Services (A.E.S.), in Brodhead, Wisconsin, as he discusses the benefits of adding rain gardens to your landscape. John is an ecological designer for A.E.S., where he manages the native landscapes division. They are currently working on a number of native landscapes and rain gardens throughout the Midwest. John will inform us about the benefits of rain gardens as well as how to install them in your home landscape.

        Nov 13, 2003 (Thu)    


      Join us for our annual native plant seed exchange and potluck. We'll view anyone's slides of their gardens or vacations to interesting places, eat some great food, and reminisce about this past year. We'll also vote for new board members. So consider helping out this wonderful organization. If you'd like to run for the board, contact Bob Porter at (312)744-5472. Bring a dish of your good cooking skills as well as any native plant seeds you'd like to share. You do NOT have to bring seed to attend or take seeds. It will be a great time!

  • Rock River Valley Chapter (Rockford area)
    • Tim Lewis
      (815) 874-3468

      Meetings are usually held the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m., at various locations. Unless otherwise stated, we meet at Burpee Museum of Natural History, 737 N. Main, Rockford.

        Jun 10, 2003 (Tue)    

      Native Tree & Shrub Sale

      We are offering twenty-six species of native trees and shrubs that are native to northern illinois. Trees sell for $25 and shrubs for $20 each. All come in convenient 5-gallon containers, in time for fall planting. Supplies are limited and sold on a first come first served basis. Orders are due by August 1st. Pick-up is September 18th at Burpee Museum in Rockford at 6 pm. For more information and an order form, contact Fran Lowman at 815-874-4895 or Fran Lowman.

        Jun 19, 2003 (Thu)    

      Natural Landscaping and the Prairie Garden

      Mary Anne Mathwich of the Wild Ones Natural Landscapers presented a slide program on creating a flora and fauna-friendly landscape with the seeds of plants native to Winnebago County. Slides showed the progression and transitions of the prairie garden through the years and through the seasons.

        Jul 12, 2003 (Sat)    

        Aug 21, 2003 (Thu)    

      Butterflies of the Chicago Region presented by Wayne Schennum of McHenry County Conservation District. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM at Burpee Natural History Museum. Please call 815-332-4367 for more information. Open to the Public.

        Sep 18, 2003 (Thu)    

      Seed Collecting and Handling Techniques presented by Shannon Neuendorf of Enders Greenhouse. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM at Burpee Natural History Museum. Please call 815-332-4367 for more information. Open to the Public.

        Oct 16, 2003 (Thu)    

      Living With the Wildlife presented by Elizabeth Mullen of Animal Removal & Magement. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM at Burpee Natural History Museum, 737 N. Main St. Please call 815-332-4367 for more information. Open to the Public.

        Nov 20, 2003 (Thu)    

      Annual Potluck Dinner and Seed Exchange The meeting starts at 7:00 PM at Burpee Natural History Museum. Please call 815-332-4367 for more information.


  • Gibson Woods Chapter
    • JOY BOWER: (219) 989-9679, jbower1126@aol.com
      Meetings are usually held on the first Saturday of the month, 10 a.m., at Gibson Woods, 6201 Parrish Ave., Hammond, Ind., unless otherwise noted.

        Aug 04, 2003 (Mon)    

      Monthly meeting of Gibson Woods Wild Ones 7:00 PM at Gibson Woods Nature
      Center in Hammond, Indiana. Topic TBA. All are welcome to attend. For
      further information, call (219) 844-3188 or e-mail

      Gibson Woods Wild Ones

        Sep 06, 2003 (Sat)    

      Monthly meeting of Gibson Woods Wild Ones 10:00 AM at Gibson Woods Nature
      Center in Hammond, Indiana. Seed Gathering Lecture given by The Nature
      .  All are welcome to attend. For further information, call
      (219) 844-3188 or e-mail

      Gibson Woods Wild Ones

        Oct 06, 2003 (Mon)    

      Monthly meeting of Gibson Woods Wild Ones 7:00 PM at Gibson Woods Nature
      Center in Hammond, Indiana. 3rd annual Hayride and bonfire cookout at Oak
      Ridge Prairie
      . Wild Ones Members only. For further information, call (219)
      844-3188 or e-mail

      Gibson Woods Wild Ones

        Nov 01, 2003 (Sat)    

      Monthly meeting of Gibson Woods Wild Ones 10:00 AM at Gibson Woods Nature
      Center in Hammond, Indiana. TBA. All are welcome to attend. For further
      information, call (219) 844-3188 or e-mail

      Gibson Woods Wild Ones

        Dec 06, 2003 (Sat)    

      Monthly meeting of Gibson Woods Wild Ones 10:00 AM at Gibson Woods Nature
      Center in Hammond, Indiana. Topic Making holiday decorations using
      native plants
      and Christmas Party. Wild Ones Members Only. For further
      information, call (219) 844-3188 or e-mail

      Gibson Woods Wild Ones


  • Frankfort Chapter
    • KATIE CLARK: (502) 226-4766, katieclark@vol.com

      Chapter Meetings are held in Frankfort KY, usually on the second Monday of each month at 5:30pm at the Salato Wildlife Education Center. The center is located 1.6 miles west of Frankfort, just off US 60W (Louisville Rd). See the calendar page to find out if the meeting location is to be in the Center's main building or in Center's Native Plant Greenhouse #1. Unless you are here already, see our "Frankfort Chapter" page for further directions to both locations.

        Jun 09, 2003 (Mon)    

      Special June Meeting this Monday at 5:30PM but not at our regular meeting place. It will be at the Wild Ones' lakeside garden plot, located in Frankfort's Lakeview Park.

      From where Route 460 meets/combines with Route 60, go east on Route 460 for 1.0 mile to Stedmantown Lane on yout left. Take that left onto Stedmantown Lane and then the next left to the garden. Please bring gardening equipment for general clean-up and transplanting, and containers in case we have extra plants to give away.

        Jul 14, 2003 (Mon)    

      Our July meeting will be our Summer Pot Luck Swim Party. We have to limit attendance to members only, but it's not too late to join The Wild Ones! Call Ceri Geissinger at 502-227-0656 to join the group, to mention what you will bring, and to get directions.

      Ceri plans to take us on a tour of her and Ralph's wildflower garden.

  • Lexington Chapter
  • Louisville MetroWild Chapter
    • PORTIA BROWN: (502) 454-4007,
      Meetings are usually held the fourth Tuesday of the month. From April through September we meet outside at various locations; check monthly calendar for details of eac meeting. From November through March we meet indoors. Our "home base" has been the Louisville Nature Center, 3745 Illinois Avenue; however, we have sometimes meet other places, such as The Church of the Epiphany, Spaulding University, Jeff. Co. Memorial Forest, and Bernheim.
      4th Saturday Fund Days – 9 a.m.-noon, September - Summer while site and weather conditions permit,at our adopted site "Wildflower Woods" in Cherokee Park, the wooded triangle behind the Daniel Boone statue.Contact Ward Wilson at 299-0331 or e-mail

        Aug 23, 2003 (Sat)    

      Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Sun. Aug. 24, Noon – 5:00 p.m.
      BERNHEIM BUG FEST -An Insect Extravaganza of Truly Minute Proportions. Some folks swat them. Some folks watch them. Some folks employ them. Some folks enjoy them. But no matter who you are, your life is more closely connected to them than you could possibly imagine. Call (502) 955-8512 for details.

        Aug 26, 2003 (Tue)    

      6:30 p.m. Wild Ones 0wn MINI BUG FEST at BERNHEIM. Meet at the Arboretum Center for Metrowild POTLUCK dinner and video presentation by David Becker and Portia Brown on the insects of the meadow. Then we’ll walk the great meadow to see plants and insects and share more knowledge and experiences. So come on out and catch the buzz on bugs!

      WANT TO BRING SOMETHING? As always bring smiling faces, open minds and cheerful hearts (members and guests)- plus ...Plants, seed, food and/or refreshments are always welcome but never required. Facilities are available for reheating dishes.

        Sep 06, 2003 (Sat)    

      Sat.10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Call or email now for these Rewarding Volunteer Opportunities at Home Ownership Expo (see article in newsletter) and Salato Native Plant Sale. 2 /4 hr shifts plus pre-event planning.

        Sep 27, 2003 (Sat)    

      Sat - 9:00 a.m. to noon. Wildflower Woods Hands-on Helping Fun: (followed by Lunch) Meeting at Wildflower Woods, our adopted site in Cherokee Park to remove invasives, pick up litter, inventory, monitor and generally help maintain the site. Simply tour the site and visit or roll up your sleeves to help. Around noon we’ll regroup for lunch and more sharing- if the weather is nice we can simply get carry out or brown bag for a picnic atop Baringer Hill; if not, we’ll descend on one of the area restaurants for a Wild get-together and hear back from AM2003 conference.

      Location: Eastern Parkway entrance to Cherokee Park behind the Daniel Boone monument; bordered by Cherokee Parkway, Barney Avenue, and the Scenic Loop (across from Baringer Spring).
      When: Weather permitting, 4th Saturdays each month 9:00 a.m. and noon. Check calendar above for schedule. For more information contact Ward Wilson at 299-0331 or ward@wwilsonn.net

        Oct 25, 2003 (Sat)    

      Sat - 9:00 a.m. to noon. Wildflower Woods Hands-on Helping Fun: Meeting at Wildflower Woods, our adopted site in Cherokee Park to remove invasives, pick up litter, inventory, monitor and generally help maintain the site. Simply tour the site and visit or roll up your sleeves to help.

      Location: Eastern Parkway entrance to Cherokee Park behind the Daniel Boone monument; bordered by Cherokee Parkway, Barney Avenue, and the Scenic Loop (across from Baringer Spring).

        Oct 28, 2003 (Tue)    

      6:30 p.m. Jefferson County Memorial Forest. We will tour the Environmental Education Center to look at the refurbished native plant garden; we may also hike the new trail down to Mitchell Hill Lake to see more new plantings. Meet at Welcome Center and call 368-5404 for directions.

        Nov 22, 2003 (Sat)    

      Sat - 9:00 a.m. to noon. Wildflower Woods Hands-on Helping Fun: Meeting at Wildflower Woods, our adopted site in Cherokee Park to remove invasives, pick up litter, inventory, monitor and generally help maintain the site. Simply tour the site and visit or roll up your sleeves to help.

      Location: Eastern Parkway entrance to Cherokee Park behind the Daniel Boone monument; bordered by Cherokee Parkway, Barney Avenue, and the Scenic Loop (across from Baringer Spring).

        Nov 25, 2003 (Tue)    

      Mon - 6:30 p.m. Potluck and Special Program. Jim Lempke, Curator of Natural Ecosystems, for the UK Arboretum will show slides and talk with us at Church of the Epiphany Community Center, 914 Old Harrods Creek Road; map at www.churchofepiphany.com/Directions/.


  • Ann Arbor Chapter
  •     Dec 10, 2003 (Wed)    

      Time: 7:00 pm
      Location: Matthaei Botanical Gardens
      Room 125
      1800 N. Dixboro Road (map)
      Ann Arbor, MI 48105-9406

      Title: "Annual Potluck and Members' Slide Show"

      Description: Join us for a casual potluck dinner and to see pictures and hear tales about people's adventures with native plants. Topics of previous years' presentations have included a garden makeover, prescribed burns, and the Kitty Todd Nature Preserve in Toledo, including photos of Fringed Prairie Orchid and Pussy Toes (a real crowd-pleaser). Elections for Wild Ones officers will also be held.

      Directions: For directions to the gardens, see the MBG web site (scroll down). Follow the entrance drive as it winds around to the right, and park in the lot to the right of the visitor's center. Enter through the door closest to the parking lot; room 125 is the first room on the right.

  • Cadillac Chapter
    • PAT RUTA: (231) 745-4631, pat_ruta@hotmail.com
      Meetings are usually held the fourth Thursday of the month from 7-9 p.m. at Lincoln School, 125 Ayer St., Cadillac (map), unless otherwise noted.

  • Calhoun County Chapter (Battle Creek area)
    • MARILYN CASE: Phone: 517-630-8546

      Email: mailto:mcase15300@aol.com

      Meetings are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the Calhoun Intermediate School District (CISD) building, 17111 G Drive North (at Old US-27), Marshall, MI unless otherwise noted. Please check our calendar page for current meeting sites.

        Sep 03, 2003 (Wed)    

      We thought you would like to know the list of plants that were planted in the Butterfly Garden at Stuart's Landing this week. Wild Ones
      Design by Vern Stephens

      Bergemot Monarda fistulosa
      Big Bluestem Andropagon geradi
      Blackeyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta
      Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa
      Columbine Aquilegia canadensis
      Grayheaded Coneflower Ratibida pinnata
      Hairy Beardtongue Penstemon hirsutus
      Heartleaf Gold Alexander Zizia aptera (larval plant)
      Hoary Vervain Verbena stricta
      Indian Grass Sorghastrum nutans
      Leadplant Amorpha canescens
      Little Bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium
      New England Asters Aster novae-angliae
      New Jersey Tea Ceanothus americanus
      Prairie Dropseed Sporobolus heterolepsis
      Prairie Smoke Geum triforum
      Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea
      Purple Prairie Clover Dalea purpurea
      Rough Blazing Star Liatris aspera
      Showy Goldenrod Solidago speciosa
      Sideoats Grama Bouteloua curtipendula
      Steeplebush Spiraea tomentosa
      Stiff Goldenrod Solidago rigida
      Sweet Joe Pye Weed Eupatorium purpureum
      Wild Petunia Ruellia humilis

        Sep 23, 2003 (Tue)    

      Also, put Sept. 23 on your calendar. We’ll be back at CISD for an exciting program with Pat Pennell on Rain gardens.

      My apologies for the late notice! Up north called and I answered!
      Calhoun County Wild Ones will meet on September 23 at 7 P.M. at the CISD building on G Drive North off Old US 27.
      Patricia Pennell, Director of "Rain Gardens of West Michigan" will present a beautiful slide description on how to create a native-plant raingarden in our own yards and properties. Find out why they are of such great benefit to wildlife as well as preserving our water quality. Pat was a featured speaker at the 2002 Wildflower Conference and we are most fortunate to have her expertise available to us. A descriptive brochure from the Wisconsin DNR will also be available for a small fee. Please plan on attending and bring a friend!
      Marilyn Case

  • Central Upper Peninsula Chapter
    • THOMAS TAUZER: (906) 428-3203, ttauzer@chartermi.net
      Monthly meetings are usually 4th Tuesday of each month.

        Jun 24, 2003 (Tue)    

      Meeting/field trip at 7:00pm. Meet at Little Presque Isle parking lot located north of Marquette, just off County Road 550. When you pass Sugar Loaf Mountain, you have 2.4 miles until you hit the turnoff for Little Presque Isle.
      The hike is an easy one-mile. Dress for the weather. Lake Superior shoreline is much cooler than inland. Bring field guides, binocs, and bug spray.

        Jul 29, 2003 (Tue)    

      Invasive weed pull
      Meet at USDA Service Center in Gladstone at 6:15pm if you need a ride. Otherwise, meet at the Lighthouse at Stonington Peninsula Point at 7:00pm. Pat Landry has made arrangements with the Forest Service to pull St. Johnswort, an invasive plant, in one of the clearings where the Monarch butterfly is monitored. Plan to visit an alvar site on the way back. Mosquitoes are out ...so be prepared.

        Aug 23, 2003 (Sat)    

      2nd Annual Garden Tour
      Join us to view several gardens featuring native plants in the Gladstone/Escanaba area. Native plants provide interest and beauty as an alternative to conventional landscaping. These gardens are small islands of plants that belong here and tell a story about our community.
      The tour will start at 10:00am at the USDA Service Center located at 2003 Minneapolis Avenue in Gladstone. The tour is free and lunch will be provided. Public is invited. Please RSVP by calling 428-3203 or 428-4053.

        Sep 27, 2003 (Sat)    

      Alvar canoe trip
      Meet 10:00am USDA Service Center at 2003 Minneapolis Avenue in Gladstone. Details to follow later.

        Oct 28, 2003 (Tue)    

      Business Meeting
      Meet at Bay de Noc College at 7:00pm. More details to follow later. Plan calendar for 2004.

        Dec 02, 2003 (Tue)    

      2nd Annual Awards Meeting
      There will be no meeting in November because of Thanksgiving week. This month's meeting will be on December 2 at 6:30pm. We will have a potluck dinner at Pat & Ron Landry's house. Please RSVP 428-4053 or 428-3203.

  • Detroit Metro Chapter
    • ELIZABETH MCKENNEY: (248) 548-3088, ebmck@hotmail.com
      Meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of each month; location and time vary. Public is welcome; $5 fee for nonmembers.

  • Flint Chapter
    • For Membership or other information call: President - Virginia Knag (810) 694-4335, mtknag@ameritech.net
      Vice President - Dawn Van Fletern (810) 636-2126, dirttiger@aol.com
      Secretary - Virginia Chatfield (810) 655-6580 vchatfield@comcast.net
      Treasurer - Steve Van Fletern (810) 636-2126
      Newsletter Editor - Jane Huggins (810) 714-9174 janeh@umich.edu
      Meetings are usually held at 7 pm on the second Thursday of each month, in the Prahl Building at Mott Community College (www.mcc.edu/mcc_sitemap.shtml), Flint (map).

        Jun 12, 2003 (Thu)    

      Patti Traviola; Zone 5 Nursery Open House and Potluck. Bring a dish to pass and lawnchair. We will eat, visit, and tour. Please rsvp to Zone 5, telephone 694-0500.

        Jun 21, 2003 (Sat)    

      We are having a rummage sale, Saturday, June 21th at Cynthia Stilleys, 801 Maxine St., Flint.
      Drop off stuff for the sale Friday after 4:00

        Sep 11, 2003 (Thu)    

      Speaker will be Trish Beckjord "Landscaping with Natives at Home".
      It will be in the Genesee room in the Prahl Building at Mott College. Meeting starts at 7 p.m.

        Sep 20, 2003 (Sat)    

      Flint Riverfest 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      It will include 3 parks in the Flushing area.
      Wildones will have a booth at the Flushing Riverview Park on Cherry St.
      If you can help by giving a few hours that day, call Ginny Knag 694-4335.

  • Houghton-Hancock Chapter
  • Kalamazoo Area Chapter
    • NANCY AND TOM SMALL: (616) 381-4946, yard2prairy@aol.com
      Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted. From October through March, the chapter meets at the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 2208 Winchell Avenue, Kalamazoo (map). Come at 7 pm for socializing; business meeting and program begin at 7:30 pm. There is no meeting in December. Spring and summer meetings vary in location and time, and are usually in the field.

  • Oakland Chapter
    • MARYANN WHITMAN: (248)652-4004; maryannwhitman@comcast.net
      TRISH HENNIG: (248) 627-5235 (chapter President)
      Meetings are usually held at 7 pm on the third Thursday of the month at the Old Oakland Township Parks/Police Building, 4392 Collins Road, Rochester Hills (map).

        Sep 18, 2003 (Thu)    

      Home landscape tour at Peter and Anne B.'s home
      Thursday, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

      Come and enjoy an evening with Wild Ones while we visit the gardens of Peter and Anne. With the advice of Bill Schneider of Wildtype Nursery in Mason, Michigan, they transformed what had once been a traditional backyard lawn into beautiful gardens blooming with native wildflowers such as Wild Geraniums, Trilliums, Solomon's Seals, plus several types of ferns from plant rescues. These flowers grow in the shade of native Serviceberries, Witch Hazels, Red buds, and other trees. Native shrubs also abound. A patch of prairie plants grows in a sunnier section of their yard. These gardens are part of an effort to improve water quality by retaining stormwater runoff.
      We will meet at their house at 7:00 p.m. Please call Barb at 248-601-6405 for more information.

        Sep 20, 2003 (Sat)    

      Early Autumn at the Paint Creek Trailway Prairie
      Saturday, 9:30 a.m.- 12 noon

      A one-acre prairie recently became the newest addition to the Paint Creek Trailway. Join the TEGGERS group to learn about prairie and grass land ecosystems and identify native prairie plants. We will also discuss the restoration and management plan that Oakland Township is implementing here including prescribed burns and deer exclosures. Wear boots and adequate clothing, and bring: water, plant ID books, a hand lens if you have one, and your plant log (start a new one if you haven't already). The site is located halfway between Dutton and Silverbell Roads along the trail. Please meet at 9:30 a.m. at the trail's Silverbell Road parking lot to walk to the site. Registration required; call Oakland Township Parks and Recreation at 248-651-7810. Group limited to 15 people.

        Oct 16, 2003 (Thu)    

      Peatlands in Bald Mountain Thursday 6:00-7:30 p.m.

      In March, our Tillplain Ecosystem Group (TEGGERS) visited the peatlands in Bald Mountain State Recreation Area. At the time, the ground was covered with snow. Now we want to revisit the area with a special focus on the differences between the three ecosystems: lake margin bog, prairie fen, and cedar swamp. We will discuss the ecology and development of peatlands and identify plants found in these environments. Wear boots and adequate clothing, and bring: water, snacks, plant ID books, a hand lens if you have one, and your plant log (start a new one if you haven't already). Registration required; call Nina at 248-858-2470. Group limited to 10 people.

        Oct 18, 2003 (Sat)    

      Natural History Walk Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

      We will explore the landscape of a nearby recreation area. More details to come. Registration required; call Nina at 248-858-2470. Group limited to 20 people.

        Nov 15, 2003 (Sat)    

      Winter Plant ID at the Blue Heron Environmental Area
      Saturday, 9:30-12 noon

      Join the TEGGERS group as we identify plants in early winter. Oakland Township's Blue Heron Environmental area has forest and swamp that are home to oaks, hazelnut, dogwoods, beech, butternut, spicebush, and bladdernut. Wear boots and warm clothing; bring ID book, hand lenses, and plant logs. Please meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Oakland Township Parks building to carpool to the site. Registration required; call Oakland Township Parks and Recreation at 248-651-7810. Group limited to 10 people.

        Dec 11, 2003 (Thu)    

      Planning meeting for 2004
      Thursday, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

      This is the meeting where we brainstorm about next year's field trips, activities, and speakers. If you have ideas for next year, please attend this meeting. If you just want to listen, you are welcome too.

  • Red Cedar Chapter (Lansing area)
    • MARK RITZENHEIN, (517) 336-0965, mritz@acd.net
      Meets 7–9 pm on the third Wednesday of the month.


  • Arrowhead Chapter
    • CAROL ANDREWS: (218) 727-9340, carol_andrews@hotmail.com
      Meetings are usually held the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Location will change each month. Check website for details: www.d.umn.edu/~wildones Open to the public.

  • St. Croix Oak Savanna Chapter
    • Contact: Mary-Clare Holst here or at 651-351-7351 (evenings) OR Linda Decker here

        Dec 11, 2003 (Thu)    

      This is your chance to plan for 2004, to learn from other members, to talk about possible community projects, to input your ideas for the future of our new Chapter. Your presence is much needed at this special meeting:

      Thursday, December 11, Members Pot Luck Share your Wild experiences with our first Show and Tell. Bring snapshots of your native plantings. Your successes and your failures. Bring photos of your garden or a community area you’re dreaming of transforming. Your projects. Your dreams. Your questions. Your favorite flowers. We don't care if your photos include some non-native plantings---we're not all solely native! See what others have done with their gardening. Bring your favorite Wild resources. And we’ll surprise you with some additional native plant learning ideas. An opportunity to meet each other while having lots of fun!! And of course, Bring a Dish to Share.

      6:30 PM - social/set-up time. City Council Chambers of the Stillwater City Town Hall, 216 N 4th St (across the road from the library)
      This meetings is our one annual members-only meeting but you can join at the meeting!

      Upcoming All Day Raingarden Workshop
      Please go to website below to learn about important interesting workshop:
      Plants for Stormwater Design:
      Selections, Applications, and Consideration

  • Otter Tail Chapter
    • KAREN TERRY: (218) 736-5520, terry714@prtel.com
      Meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month, 7 p.m., at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center, Fergus Falls. Visitors are always welcome.

  • St. Cloud Chapter
    • GREG SHIRLEY: (320) 259-0825, wildonesmn@home.com
      Meetings are usually held the fourth Monday of the month at the Heritage Nature Center, 6:30 p.m.

  • Twin Cities Chapter
    • MARTY RICE: (952) 927-6531, jcrmfr@msn.com
      Meetings are usually held the third Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m., at the Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis, unless otherwise noted.

        Nov 16, 2003 (Sun)    

      1:00 p.m. Native trees and shrubs / Buckthorn Busting
      Meet at Janet Larson's home at 7811 W. 87th St. in Bloomington for a quick tour of some native trees and shrubs she's planted in her yard over the years (you saw some of her wonderful photos at our September meeting). Then drive a few blocks away for a little buckthorn busting. Stay as long as you like, and bring your family and friends.
      Buckthorn location is: W. 86th St. and Pine Hill Road (north side of 86th St.)

        Nov 18, 2003 (Tue)    

      Gardening Show and Tell program, Plant of the Month and 2004 elections
      This should be lots of fun!! Bring snapshots of your summer works! Show us what you've done, what you like or don't like, your favorite flowers, and/or any of your other garden projects. And we don't care if your photos include some non-native plantings---we're not all solely native!

      Plant of the Month (a new feature): Jack-in-the-Pulpit
      Shirley Rensink has lots of interesting info, including how she forced some of hers to bloom in early March--in her house, in February! She doesn't guarantee results but it sure worked beautifully for her last year!

      We'll also have election of officers for 2004: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Interested in being an officer next year? Or know another member who is? Let me know---we'd be delighted to hear from you.

      6:30 p.m. social/set-up time: 7:00 p.m. meeting begins
      Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E. Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis

      Meetings are free; family, friends and neighbors are welcome!


  • Mid-Missouri Chapter
    • LESA BEAMER, wildonesmo@yahoo.com
      Meetings are usually held the second Saturday of the month, 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted. Location varies.

  • St. Louis Chapter

    • Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of the month (except December and January) at 6:00 p.m. Location varies. For more information, call Shaw Nature Reserve at (636) 451-3512 and ask for Scott or send email to Scott Woodbury. See calendar below for directions to each meeting. Non-members are welcome to attend.

        Dec 14, 2003 (Sun)    


      Where: Meet at the commuter parking lot on the northwest side of the intersection of Hwy. 141 and I-44.
      When: Sunday, December 14 at 9 a.m. We will possibly work until 1:00 so pack snacks and expect a late lunch.
      What: We will be seeding about 3 acres of prairie at 141 and 44, then will drive to Topping and Manchester to seed another 5 acres. Bring a 5 gallon bucket, lunch, and raingear since this will happen rain or shine.

      Other groups will be helping so it will be a great time to see other Wild Ones during the “slow” season and to meet other prairie and native landscaping enthusiasts!

      For more information, call Scott at 636-451-3512 ext. 6078

    New York

  • New York Capital District (Seedling) Chapter
    • Serving the Albany/Schenectady/Troy/Saratoga area.
      Contact: Melinda Perrin (708) 579-5695 BlueCloudM@aol.com

  • New York City Metro/Long Island Chapter
    • Jennifer Wilson-Pines: (516) 767-3454, Jwpines@juno.com
      Meetings are held in the Members Room, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, 1000 Washington Avenue.


  • Greater Cincinnati Chapter
    • The Greater Cincinati Chapter has monthly meetings or field trips, as well as many other opportunities for learning about native plants. To view the program schedule for 2003, visit the Cincinnati link above under Programs.

      For more information, contact Roberta Trombly at 513-751-6183; email btrombly@fuse.net or Chris McCullough at 513-860-4959.

  • Columbus Chapter
    • Except for field trips, the Columbus Chapter meets the second Saturday of the month, 10:00 a.m., at Inniswood Metropolitan Park, Innis House, 940 Hampstead Rd., Westerville. Meetings and field trips are free and open to the public. Directions to Inniswood Metropolitan Park: From I-270, take the SR 3/Westerville Road exit south to Dempsey Road and turn left. Go about one mile to Hempstead Road and turn left. Entrance is about 1/2 mile on the right (the road forks to the right after 1/3 mile). For more information, contact: Marilyn Logue, Columbus Chapter president, at mlogue@sprintmail.com or 614 237-2534.

        Jul 12, 2003 (Sat)    

      9:00 AM: Field Trip

      Field trip to see Guy Denny’s 7-10 acre replication of an Ohio tallgrass prairie, including wildflowers and grasses, on his property. Bring sturdy footwear, binoculars and field guides if you have them, lunch, and a lawn chair. Leave at 9:00 AM from the Inniswood Metropolitan Park parking lot, where carpooling will be arranged. In case of problematic weather, phone 614 237-2534.

        Aug 09, 2003 (Sat)    

      9:00 AM: Field Trip

      Leave at 8:30 am sharp from the southeast corner of the Worthington Mall parking lot, where carpooling will be arranged. The mall is located on High Street just south of I-270. Tour Claridon Prairie, a 10-acre strip of land along a railroad track five miles northwest of Marion. Claridon Prairie was once part of the Sandusky Plains, a prairie area that was approximately 300 square miles or 192,000 acres. In case of problematic weather, phone 614 237-2534.

        Sep 13, 2003 (Sat)    

      9:00 AM: Field Trip

      Leave at 9:00 AM SHARP from the Inniswood Metropolitan Park parking lot, where carpooling will be arranged. Tour Don Beam’s three-acre prairie/native landscape and prairie habitat on the Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area in Holmes County. Bring a lunch and a lawn chair. In case of problematic weather, phone (614)237-2534.

        Oct 11, 2003 (Sat)    

      9:00 AM: Field Trip

      Ann Lighthiser, a Wild Ones member, will present “How to Harvest and Collect Seeds” and conduct a tour of OSU’s Waterman Farm. Meet at the barn on Lane Avenue west of Kenny Road. In case of problematic weather, phone 614 237-2534.

        Nov 08, 2003 (Sat)    

      10:00 AM: Meeting

      Don Plummer, a Wild Ones member, will present “Native Lilies.”

        Dec 13, 2003 (Sat)    

      10:00 AM: Annual Holiday Brunch and Tenth-Year Anniversary Celebration

      Note change of locale: the Nature Center’s multipurpose room at Highbanks Metro Park, 9466 US Rt 23 N. From I-270, take US 23 north about 3 miles. Entrance is on the left. The Nature Center is the first building on the right side of the entrance road.

      In observance of the club’s tenth anniversary, past presidents will be honored, and the club will provide the annual brunch! Bring personal table settings. The brunch will be followed by the annual seed exchange (there are always a lot of extra seeds, so bring plastic bags even if you don’t have seeds to exchange) and the election of the Columbus Chapter’s 2004 officers. Pick up the 2004 schedule of meetings and field trips. Wild Ones T-shirts and copies of “Central Ohio Native Plants” will also be available.

  • Maumee Valley Chapter
  • Pennsylvania

  • Northeast Pennsylvania (Seedling) Chapter
  • Susquehanna Valley Chapter ((Seedling) area)
    • Contact: Angela Eichelberger (717) 793-8440 wild_ones@earthlink.net Although open to anyone, area residents from South Central Pennsylvania (York/Lancaster/Adams Counties)and Northern Maryland are specifically invited to attend meetings. Location will vary, but we're currently meeting at Spoutwood Farm located at 4255 Pierceville Rd in Glen Rock. Spoutwood Farm, once known as a herb and flower farm, is a newly formed non-profit education center.

        Sep 09, 2003 (Tue)    

      7:00 PM

      Organizational Chapter meeting is scheduled at the Spoutwood Farm in Glen Rock, PA.

        Nov 02, 2003 (Sun)    

      3:00 PM

      Chapter meeting is scheduled at the Spoutwood Farm in Glen Rock, PA.

        Dec 07, 2003 (Sun)    

      Potluck Dinner at the Home of Tom and Patti Harless at 4:00PM.

      The potluck dinner will be held at the home of Tom and Patti Harless. Although primarily an opportunity to network and get to know other members, we will also do some goal planning. Wild Ones members, their families and guests are welcome to attend. Call Patti at 793-8775 for directions.

    South Carolina

  • Foothills Chapter
  • Wisconsin

  • Central Wisconsin Chapter
    • DAN DIETERICH (715) 344-1063 Dan Dieterich
      Meetings are usually held the fourth Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m., in Rooms 1&2, Portage County Extension Building, 1462 Strongs Ave., Stevens Point, unless otherwise noted.

      Go to chapter website for summer tour schedule. "

  • Chippewa Valley Chapter
  • Door County Chapter
    • Contact Person: JUDY RENINGER (920) 839-1182, jreninger@dcwis.com
      President: Don Pardonner (920) 839-1182, donpardonner@dcwis.com
      Program: Bernie Shumway (920) 854-2573, dshumx5300@dcwis.com
      Meetings: Nov.-June, Mondays, 7 p.m. (various locations) July-Oct., Field Trips as announced (open to Wild Ones members only)

        Nov 03, 2003 (Mon)    

      November 3, 7:00 p.m. Annual Meeting of Wild Ones Natural Landscapers, Door County Chapter at Crossroads at Big Creek Learning Center, 1240 Michigan, Sturgeon Bay. Public invited.
      Program: “Soil and it’s relationship to native plants”, presented by Mark Feuerstein, Door County Agricultural Agent. The utility of soil testing in the establishment of wildflower meadows and prairies will be addressed.

      Wild Ones of Door County
      PO Box 557
      Baileys Harbor, WI 54234

      For information contact: Peter Sigmann, 920-824-5193, psigmann@dcwis.com

  • Erin Chapter
    • Contacts: Bob & Bev Hults 262 670-0445, Jim Marrari 262 966-2849
      Programs are held at 7:00pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month (unless noted) at the Erin Town Hall, 1846 Hwy 83. This is about 1/2 mile north of Hwy 167. Non members always welcome!

        Jan 15, 2004 (Thu)    

      Plant your own prairie.

      Seeds and materials will be provided to start your own little prairie. A small fee for non-members, but you may join at the meeting.

        Feb 19, 2004 (Thu)    

      Backyard Birding

      Jim Marrari of Jacamar Birding Tours will teach us about all the birds that may visit our backyards and we'll also learn how to attract them.

  • Fox Valley Area Chapter
    • Sharon Duerkop: (920) 734-1419, Sduerk@execpc.com
      Donna Vanbuecken: (920) 730-3986, WOresource@new.rr.com
      Indoor meetings are held at 7 p.m. at either Memorial Park Arboretum, 1313 E. Witzke Blvd., Appleton, or the Evergreen Retirement Community, 1130 N. Westfield St., Oshkosh.

        Nov 20, 2003 (Thu)    

      "The Lost Naturalist--An Adventure in Wisconsin Natural History." Tom Aranow, former executive director of Riveredge Nature Center in Milwaukee, portrays an old botanist who stumbles lost and befuddled into the present and paints a vivid picture of landscapes lost to modern humans and critters. Joint meeting with Winnebago Audubon Society. Bring children - this program is designed for families! Location and time will be announced in Chapter newsletter.

        Jan 24, 2004 (Sat)    

  • Green Bay Chapter
    • HAL SUNKEN (920) 469-0540 Hal Sunken
      Meetings are usually held the third Thursday of the month at Green Bay Botanical Garden, 2600 Larsen Rd, except in summer.

      Go to Green Bay Chapter Summer Newsletter for further information. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this online version of the Newsletter.

        Feb 18, 2004 (Wed)    

      7pm at the Green Bay Botanical Garden

        Feb 28, 2004 (Sat)    

      The Thoughtful Gardener Symposium will be conducted at UWGB. This years emphasis will be on Wetlands. This is an important annual event supporting natural landscaping and preservation. Watch for more information as it becomes available.

        Mar 17, 2004 (Wed)    

      To be Announced.

        Apr 21, 2004 (Wed)    

      To be Announced.

        Jun 05, 2004 (Sat)    

      The Green Bay Botanical Garden Fair from June 5-6th. Native plant sale at the Wild Ones Booth.

      We will also be conducting Show me/Help me days in June and July. Let's help our new members (and not so new members) get started!!

        Aug 01, 2004 (Sun)    

      August will be our month for Yard Tours. A great way for new and old members to get fresh ideas.

        Sep 15, 2004 (Wed)    

      7pm at the Green Bay Botanical Garden. This is the Member's slide show and plant exchange. Great time to share your efforts with the group.

  • Madison Chapter
    • SUE ELLINGSON: (608) 259-1824, sue@lakewingra.org
      Wintertime meetings are on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. We meet at local libraries. Summer events vary. The public is welcome.
      (I'm pretty bad about keeping this online calendar up to date. Sorry! Please contact me to confirm events.)

        Oct 29, 2003 (Wed)    

      "Natural Communities in Wisconsin" by Randy Hoffman.

        Nov 21, 2003 (Fri)    

      Get-Out-the-Good-China Year-End Celebration Dinner
      ~ Quinoa timbales ~ Sweet potato ~
      RSVP not later than Wed. 11/19
      259-1824 sue@lakewingra.org

  • Menomonee River Area Chapter

    • Diane Holmes (262) 628-2825 email: hlmsdiane@aol.com
      Indoor meetings are held the second Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Valley View Elem school,W180 N8130 Town Hall Rd, Menomonee Falls. Contact Diane Holmes for info 262-628-2825 or Jan Koel at 262-251-7571

        Jun 14, 2003 (Sat)    

      PLANT SALE: Germantown Farmers Market (Municipal Hall parking lot)

        Jul 08, 2003 (Tue)    

      YARD TOUR plus wildflower sketching lesson at Barb Wolter's house (chapter secretary). W149 N8488 Norman Dr., Menomonee Falls

        Aug 12, 2003 (Tue)    

      YARD TOUR "Prairie around the Homefront" Dave & Chris Abresch N67 W19425 Mill Road, Menomonee Falls

        Sep 09, 2003 (Tue)    

      Jim Heinrich of Oak Prairie Nursery will present on prairie species

        Oct 14, 2003 (Tue)    

      Glen Helgeland instructs us on how "Exciting pictures are easy". Learn the best way to compose nature pictures. Photo contest also this evening.

        Nov 11, 2003 (Tue)    

      Annual seed/treat exchange at the Koel residence: W176 N8610 Sunset Ridge, Menomonee Falls

  • Milwaukee-North Chapter
    • MESSAGE CENTER: (414) 299-9888
      Meetings are held the second Saturday of the month at the Schlitz Audubon Center, 1111 E. Brown Deer Rd., Bayside, at 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated

        Jun 14, 2003 (Sat)    


      Visit local yards to share ideas regarding native landscaping.

      Members only ($30.00 membership is available at the event)

      Call the info line for further details- 414-299-9888 ext.1

        Jul 12, 2003 (Sat)    


      Led by Terry Marvel,
      Landscape architect and graduate of
      Conway School of Landscape Design

      Wild Ones Members only (membership available at the event- $30.00)

      Call the info line for details- 414-299-9888 ext. 1

        Aug 02, 2003 (Sat)    

      No North Chapter meeting in August.

      Join us at the LORRIE OTTO Audubon Tour of Native Yards
      9:00am to 3:30pm
      Register at the Schlitz Aububon Center 414-352-2880

        Oct 11, 2003 (Sat)    


      Wild Ones Members only ($30.00 membership at the event)

      Call the info line for more information and a supply list.
      414-299-9888 ext. 1

        Nov 08, 2003 (Sat)    


      Specific topic to be announced.

      All Welcome!

        Dec 13, 2003 (Sat)    


      Bring seeds, treats and native landscaping stories to share.

      All Welcome - Please join us!

  • Milwaukee-Southwest/Wehr Chapter
    • Milwaukee-Southwest/Wehr Chapter
      Wehr Nature Center, 9701 W. College Ave.,Franklin, WI
      414-299-9888, ext 2
      Meetings are usually held the second Saturday of the month at the Wehr Nature Center, 1:30 p.m.

  • Coulee Region Chapter
    • Contact: Chuck Lee 608-785-2205 speakbobo@aol.com.

      Located near La Crosse, Coulee Region welcomes new members from the nearby area in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. Meetings are 7:30 PM the first Thursday of every month at the La Crosse Main Branch Public Library, beginning in October 2003.

        Aug 26, 2003 (Tue)    


      Organizational Chapter meeting at the La Crosse Main Branch Public Library.

        Nov 06, 2003 (Thu)    

      The Coulee Region chapter of Wild Ones meets this Thursday, Nov. 6th, at 7:30
      PM at the Main Branch of the La Crosse Public Library. Jay Fernholz,
      landscape architect, will present our program, which is a "how to" garden planning

      Bring a friend. See you there.

      Chuck Lee

        Dec 04, 2003 (Thu)    

      The newest Wisconsin Chapter of Wild Ones meets Thursday, Dec 4th, at 7:30
      PM at the Main Branch of the La Crosse Public Library. Guest presenter will be Master
      Gardener Marilyn Robarchek speaking on "Low Maintenance Gardening." See you Thursday.

  • Wisconsin Northwoods Chapter
    • Diane Willette (715) 362-6870 or Diane. Wisconsin Northwoods covers a 50 mile radius around the Rhinelander area.

      Meetings from November through April are held on the fourth Monday of the month at the Fireside Room (University Transfer Center) at Nicolet College Lake Julia Campus, Rhinelander. Dates, times and places vary for field trips and tours during May through October.

  • Root River Area Chapter
    • NAN CALVERT: (262)681-4899 at prairiedog@wi.rr.com or CARLA FREEMAN:(414) 382-6415,
      All meetings are held from September through May, the first Saturday of the month from 1:30-3 p.m. at the Riverbend Nature Center, N. Greenbay Road, Racine, unless otherwise noted. Members attend the Milwaukee Audubon Society's annual native landscaping conference in lieu of a February meeting. Members can contact Nan Calvert for fall/winter activity information.

        Jun 07, 2003 (Sat)    

      Native Plant Sale!
      In cooperation with
      Almost Eden Nursery, the Root River Chapter plant sale features dozens of varieties of native plants, including woodland and prairie varieties, native shrubs, and trees. The sale will be held at Almost Eden Nursery in Somers, Wisconsin on Highway E between Highways H and 31 (next to the post office).

      Discounts available to Wild Ones members before May 15. Contact Chrystal Lyons at 262-554-7099. Rain Garden Kits for clay and sandy soils including 70 plants available for preorder at $224.96!

      Sale hours: 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. Contact Nan Calvert at prairiedog@wi.rr.com for more information.

        Aug 31, 2003 (Sun)    

      Join us for the Root River Chapter's WALK ON THE WILD SIDE Native Landscaping Tour!
      The tour will feature six gardens representing native plantings in suburban settings, using native plants in a "cityscape," a woodland reclamation, a rain garden, and a mature prairie restoration designed to create habitat for wildlife. Information about native plants, invasive species, and landscaping for wildlife will be available at the sites.

      Tour hours: 12-5 p.m.
      Cost: FREE and open to the public

      2040 Creek Ridge Drive, Caledonia: Landscaping for wildlife with over 73 species of native tree, vines, shrubs, grasses, forbs, and a pond.

      5703 Middle Road, Caledonia: large, newly established rain garden with 30 species and nearly 200 plants. Learn about water conservation through native landscaping.

      5721 Middle Road, Caledonia: an expanse of forbs and grasses begun primarily by seed in 2000. Approximately 68 species, a pond and traditional gardens.

      5216 Wind POint Road, Village of Windpoint: inspired by Wild Ones founder Lorrie Otto, this stunning wild yard contains 53 species of native Wisconsin plants.

      4221 Greenbriar Lane, Mount Pleasant: woodlands reclamation in process.

      2043 Green Street: Racine: cityscape with native and horticultural species. Learn about rain barrel water conservation and ordinances governing native landscapes.

      For more information about the Walk on the Wild Side, contact Nan Calvert: prairiedog@wi.rr.com.

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    Updated: Dec 04, 2003.