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  Ques #16: Controlling Vine-Type Weeds  

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    QUESTION #16: Controlling Vine-Type Weeds

    Any suggestions for the best way to get those vine-like weeds such as bindweed, which have such a tendency to take over whole section of front yards and gardens?

    Kris of Williston, OH



    We have had lots of bindweed in one of our ground covers. We have had good luck using a small foam brush dampened with Roundup. We try to pull it away from the ground cover onto the sidewalk and paint all of the leaves we can. Sometimes if they are too far from the sidewalk, my husband holds it up, I paint the leaves and we stuff them into a plastic bag. It's been very effective if we leave it until the whole vine dies. Good luck

    -- Nancy of Ann Arbor


    How did you go about starting your prairie garden? Was it lawn? Did you remove all the turf grass? If it was lawn, did you leave the turf grass and spot plant native grasses and prairie plants that were appropriate for the places in which you put them,i.e., bright sun, dry, shade, wet, and the like?

    Peggy of Ashford, CT
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