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    ADDITIONAL RESPONSES QUESTION #7: Using Wood Chips for Paths


    An untried suggestion - has anyone used Path Rush, a Juncus specie (sorry, don't have botanic name). It was first pointed out to me by Steve Packard on a prairie walk in Illinois. It needs the compaction of foot traffic and stays quite low; I don't think it needs mowing, but if you do mow the paths, you would not damage the rush. I do not think it will form a solid mat as it is clumping. I also do not know how available it is in seed form. Anyone more familiar with this?

    -- Mandy of Mequon, WI


    I've been using all kinds of mulch for years including woodchips for paths. For paths (and for starting new gardens), I use corrugated cardboard. I lay it down so it overlaps and no sun can get through and then put the chips or mulch over it. ‘Have used newspaper also and still do when I have it and not cardboard, but it can sometimes turn into something like paper mache' which may or may not be desirable depending on the application. Don't use "grayboard" (cereal boxes are made out of it). It has glues in it and isn't desirable for mulching.

    -- Judith of Pontiac, MI
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