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    I live in Northern Illinois and our neighborhood is trying to establish a policy for homeowners whose homes border either a pond or a natural wetland and a general policy for runoff of the other homes in the neighborhood. We need help with plants along the edges, insect (primarily mosquitoes)control, geese control, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have seen a dead pond & wetland in a neighboring township and we don't want to that to happen to our neighborhood.

    Help in either specifics or resources to use would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    -- Pat of Lake Villa, IL

    I am looking for some native grasses and plants that were once used by the prehistoric Indians for food, particularly, the Hopewell culture. I am searching for these seeds or plants in order to help establish a Hopewell garden at the Ohio Historical Society's Newark Earthworks, which is a Hopewell Mound site, as well as grow them on my own. (I am not an OHS employee.) The seeds/plants I am searching for are the following:

    Maygrass Phalaris caroliniana
    Sumpweed Iva annua
    Sunflower Heliathus annus
    Little Barley Hordeum pusillum
    Erect Knotweed Polygonum erectum
    Goosefoot Chenopodium
    Gourd Cucubita pepo

    I would appreciate any information you might be able to provide about places where I might be able to secure these seeds/plants as I would like to be able to help preserve these once essential plants.

    -- Patricia of Ohio

    Does anyone know where it might be possible to purchase fringed gentian? I'm trying to interest my
    sister in planting native plants & she would love to add fringed gentian to her "blue" garden. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Gretchen of Wyoming, MI


    Does anyone have white milkweed (asclepias variegata) or know where seeds can be gotten. I saw this plant in state park 5 years ago and been searching for source ever since. I'm surprised it's not more popular; it grows in shade, very attractive, monarchs, etc. I've got lots of seeds to trade or will make a donation to your favorite charity.

    -- Nathan of Ballwin, MO
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