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    Just wanted to let everyone know I was back from an absolutely great Wild Ones Annual Meeting and a wonderful Wild Ones conference put on by the Columbus (OH) Chapter.

    At the Annual Meeting we had members from as far east as Maine, New York and Maryland and as far west as Missouri. Other states represented were Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky and Illinois.

    Although the Annual Meeting agenda covered many items, including the fact that we have our first three business memberships (Hurrah!), most of our time was spent discussing the need (or not) to update the Wild Ones mission statement and the Wild Ones name. If you have any thoughts on these two subjects, please let the Mission Name Committee hear from you. Their e-mail address is missname@for-wild.org.

    The conference opened with the ever enthusiastic Wild Ones cheerleader Bret Rappaport, past national president, giving us his new rendition of "landscaping neighborly" with your earth, your community and your backyard. Bret led us backpacking in the Arizona desert back home to Deerfield, IL where he took us through the steps he had to take in replacing his failing septic system and backyard prairie with a new drip system and a fen.

    The conference keynote was presented by Andy Wasowski, ever the wit, who took us through the faux pas' of non-natural landscaping and delighted us with several views of "unnatural" topiary. His homespun accounts of Sally and his meanderings to find the answers to their questions regarding the natural landscaping revolution, found us laughing at the living satire we were visiting.

    All the speakers and tours presented throughout the rest of the conference were equally as satisfying and educational. Everyone there had a great time and came away, I'm sure, feeling they had had a great experience.

    With this e-mail, I also wanted to take a moment to pass along my personal thanks to the members of the Columbus Chapter for putting on this absolutely wonderful meeting/conference program for us. It was everything we could have asked for to make it a perfect weekend -- great food, lots of networking, a variety of vendors, excellent speakers and memorable tours even the weather cooperated! Thank you very much. Donna
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