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  Ques #9a: Site Prep under Trees  

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    QUESTION #9: Site preparation under trees

    Any tips for preparing planting beds under trees in general?

    -- Portia for the Louisville (KY) Show Me Tell Me group.



    The best thing under trees is wood chip mulch (or other mulch), in a donut shape
    ring, not touching the trunk, as far out as possible---to the drip line if possible
    or beyond. The next best thing is groundcover/perennials PLANTED AT THE SAME TIME
    AS THE TREE. If you plant perennial

    groundcover (or annuals for that matter) after the tree has matured you risk
    injuring the essential root system of the tree.

    Bulbs are OK, but again plant them AT THE SAME TIME AS THE TREE.

    -- Diane of Chicago, IL


    I don't have any recommendations for planting under Maple trees. My understanding
    is that it is best not to plant under trees (not what you want to hear) but to
    use pine bark mulch ( and not too large of chips). As the wood decays, the fungi
    that are there, feed the tree roots. This is supposed

    to be good for all kinds of trees, but it must be the pine bark mulch to create
    the right environment for the fungi.

    -- Elaine of Naperville, IL
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