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    I may have at least a partial answer to a recurring problem for many prairie builders.
    I have been having trouble with cool season grasses such as bluegrass, timothy, quake
    and, especially, reed canary grass. This May, I attached a terry cloth towel to a
    board of the same length and attached a string loop from the ends to pull it with.
    Using a long tray (I used a wall paper soaking tray), I dipped the towel in Roundup,
    let it drip into the tray and then dragged it over the taller grasses without touching
    the prairie forbs or minute warm-season grass shoots below. Timing is everything here.
    You have to do this when the grasses you want to knock back are 6-12" tall and well above
    the rest of the plants. I treated in mid-May this year. My 1"X6"X 2' board was the same
    length as the towel and about right in weight, but you should check your setup with out
    Roundup to make sure it is not so heavy so as to press the grasses down to the forbs

    I didn't get rid of everything, but my warm-season plants were able to get a jump on
    the weedy grasses and may just win out. I also got rid of some sweet clover and alfalfa
    that was standing too tall for it's own good.

    -- Bill of Oshkosh, WI
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