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  Ques#10: Steep Ditches  

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    QUESTION #10: Plants for steep ditches

    As a senior citizen, I am finding it difficult to mow 250 feet of two VERY steep ditches
    paralleling my road. They are so steep, the lawnmower sometimes cannot be pushed and
    falls over. I have recently allowed the area to go to weed and neighbors are
    complaining...(note: there are no young people in my area willing to work for pay).

    I thought of terracing the area, but I haven't checked with the county...which I think
    has jurisdiction over that. I would like to plant something that would be able to take
    conditions...salts from the road graders, dry summer environment. Is there a grass that
    only grows 6-8 inches or so, or a grass that lays somewhat flat, or some attractive,
    sturdy flowering plant, vine that could be contained with minimal effort?

    Maria of Grand Blanc, MI
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