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    Question 6: Pennsylvania Native Plant Species List

    I just bought a home, that although built in 1961 is completely devoid of landscaping
    of any kind, save the turf. I'm planting the entire property with Native PA trees,
    shrubs and undergrowth. This will of course include wild grasses. I have a partial
    list of trees native to SE Pennsylvania and of course wildflowers. I still need to
    gather a list of shrubs and grasses. I've been working with the Scott Arboretum in
    Swarthmore, the PA Native Plant Society and the PA Forest Service for the information
    that I've already gotten, but each has fallen short of comprehensive lists.

    Once I do gather the complete lists I will be compiling all of the plants and their
    habitats, favored groupings, natural combined occurrences, requirements, etc. in a
    database for any website to have and publish. I will also be happy to provide with
    complete plot plans, descriptions, photos, etc. if you would like them. I'm looking
    for help gathering the various plant species and to form the first PA Wild Ones based group.

    Geoffrey of Plymouth Meeting, PA



    What an awesome project you have undertaken--good luck. You might check with the
    Pennsylvania DNR to see if they have a floristic quality assessment list like we have
    here in Michigan.

    -- Marji of Hastings, MI


    Please keep me informed of your progress. I manage EPA's greenacres web site
    (www.epa.gov/greenacres) and we would love to see the final product for hopeful
    posting on our site. Thanks.

    -- Danielle of Chicago, Il


    This database you are putting together sounds perfect for me. I purchased a large piece
    of land with a house in the Reading area last year. We have only been rebuilding the
    house on weekends so far, and have not had as much time on the land as we'd like. But I
    am very interested in planting and encouraging native plants. I have just started my
    research and so could use whatever information you have. I'd be willing to help you with
    your project if I can. Until I have the house done, though, I won't have much time.
    Hopefully, starting next year, I'll be able to spend most of my time with the project.
    I'd be more than willing to share any knowledge that I have or pictures that I can take.
    So far I've been working with the list of Pennsylvania endangered species, trying to
    find sources for plant materials. I've found some and intend to start ordering for a
    meadow area starting next year.

    Whenever you start a local chapter, I will be happy to join, however, as I said, I won't
    be able to be very active for a year or so. Great idea!

    -- Sue of Bernville, PA
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